Monday, September 30, 2013

E-Bike Demo Event @ Motostrano SF This Saturday.

Electric bicycles are erupting in California! Traffic is bad and getting worse. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are tired of being stuck in cars, getting fat in cars and looking for ways to slow down and speed up at the same time. E-bikes get you out of a car and let you experience the freedom of bike travel without the overly strenuous elements that work to make it too easy to get in a car when you need to get from point a to be. Let it happen!

Our San Francisco Saturday e-bike Demo Days continue this Saturday from 10Am to 5PM @ 1452 Bush St.  This is the San Francisco location for Motostrano / Suburbanbikes. Join us!
A2B Hero Eco demo bikes and staff will be with us and you can test ride the whole fleet of bikes on real San Francisco hills!
Join us for this miraculous event! Enjoy the thrill of gliding up hills with easy and navigating through traffic with greater agility than anything on 4 wheels. 
The A2B Hero Eco bikes offer a full range of electric bikes for all budgets and riding needs. From easy low cost folders to high speed uber-commuters, A2B has a bike to fit the need. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

San Francisco E-Bike Store Initiates Green Cities Voucher Discount

Life is better on an e-bike.

You've seen them wiz by you on the street. Those happy e-bikers have something going for them, not the least of which is the happy feeling of zipping around town effortlessly and silently on a swift moving bicycle that go anywhere and park anywhere and has no operating expense. No gas to fill. No oil to change. No insurance to pay for. No license to have.

E-bikes take up less space, leaving more city for everyone.
E-bikes take the sweat out of finding a parking place and e-bikes help us stay fit by keeping us active and keeping us mobile.

To help expedite the growth of e-bikes in our city, we're initiating a GREEN CITIES Voucher Discount for any electric bike we sell. This voucher is good for $100 off the purchase price of any of our bikes. One voucher may be used per e-bike bought.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Electric Bicycle Repair - San Francisco and Redwood City

As an e-bike specialist - Motostrano provides complete bicycle repair services for all makes and models of electric bicycles. 

With our store in San Francisco at 1452 Bush St,  you can buy an e-bike and have it fully serviced at our store for your convenience. Over the years we have developed unique service systems and checklists based on concepts of bike maintenance and customer feedback. Using our skills in general bicycle mechanics, combined with advanced electrical troubleshooting, we can fix just about any bike. 

We service all makes and models of electric bikes including Currie Tech iZip and Eflow, Stromer, Ultra Motor, A2B, Kettler, Polaris, BH Easy Motion, Juiced Riders and others. 

Some brands and models, we cannot fix. Over the years, e-bike companies have come and gone. A bike made and designed in China has a high likelihood of not being fixable because it was't designed to be worked on. Many of these brands you'll find selling on Ebay or Amazon. They are designed so cheaply and with such little thought, that once they break, they should be thrown out.  Before you waste time and money buying an e-bike "online" we highly recommend talking to one of our sales people about the pitfalls of buying cheap chinese e-bikes. 

The bike brands you see on our web site are all serviceable bikes that if cared for can last a long time. 

We fix motors, electrical systems, batteries, drive systems and brakes. Common problems with e-bike motors require either complete overhaul or complete replacement. 

We also provide e-bike upgrades such as e-bike brake upgrades, seat modifications and control upgrades. We also sell e-bikes and e-bike kits.  Our sales and tech staff can make recommendations on the best parts to

2 Locations to serve you:

1452 Bush St, San Franscisco +1-415-580-1452

926 Broadway St, Redwood City +1-650-780-9306

Monday, September 23, 2013

Motostrano SF Electric Bike Demo Saturday

Hey, if you missed our San Francisco store opening last Saturday due to all that nasty rain, but you want to learn about e-bikes, we're having one of the many planned demo ride events this Saturday from 10 to 2. Currie Technologies will be on hand with 10 or 15 of their iZip and Eflow electric bikes for demo on a real San Francisco hill. See you here.

WHERE: 1452 BUSH St, San Francisco, California 

WHEN: Sept 28, this saturday, 10AM to 2PM. 

WHY: Because e-bikes are great and we'll have some here for you to try before you buy

And you can get a discount on any bike sold that day!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Motostrano SF Store Opens September 21.

We are very excited to announce the Official Opening of Motostrano's new San Francisco
store location at 1452 Bush St. and invite you to attend our opening event from 2PM to
7PM, Saturday September 21. 

The Motostrano SF store will have a heavy focus on electric bicycles, as well as modern urban bikes
and related bicycle technology. 
As an extension of our main headquarters in Redwood City - the Motostrano SF store will promote, sell
and service very unique electric bicycles to customers who require high quality products with great design and  functionality. 

Motostrano SF is a bicycle technology store and showroom, modeled on the boutique shop idea,
featuring urban bicycles and e-bicycles for both men and women, recreational riders and commuters.

Brands carried include Currie Tech, A2B, BH Easy Motion, Juiced Riders, Urban Arrow, Polaris, 
Stealth, Haibike, Grace, Biruni and ItalJet. Just to name a few. 

We'll also offer riders a range of accessories and clothing to fit the unique needs of e-bike riders. 

In addition to our e-bikes, our SF store will be a concept store for the wildly popular Vanmoof urban bicycles from Amsterdam. 
With our location in San Francisco right off Van Ness and SF's Auto Row- our intention is for the e-bike to gain center stage in the urban environment as a viable transportation option for city dwellers. 

With our expertise in e-bikes and moto gear- customers have come to rely on our staff and store for service,
support and expert advise. 

In addition to the kick-off event on Saturday the 21st, we'll be hosting product demos in the week that follows with an e-bike demo set for September 28th