Monday, January 23, 2012

Some new Alpinestars on the way

Alpinestars gave its dealers a sneak-peak of some new things that will be coming out next month for the spring 2012 season. Though, not really helping any of us as buyers, or you as customers, this pre-announcment does give us Internet-savvy shops a head start on the brick-n-mortar folks to get on the blogosphere and start talking about stuff we have absolutely no real experience with but will "recommend" to customers any way, at least in a blog post, along with heftly links back to our product pages and even make up actual "product review" videos about this stuff we don't know anything about, so we can elbow up to the top of the rankings in Google as soon as possible, stake our claim, as it were.

There's a few interesting things in the new release. One of a new Alpinestars Race Replica Suit that is being called the Alpinestars Race Replica Suit For Tech Air System
because it's integrated with their hi-tech air system you can buy from Alpinestars directly. Only 2 days after the announcement, we already have customers calling us from as far away as Australia looking for the new suit. It's more expensive than the old Race Replica. It comes in different colors than the old one too.

The other unique item in the collection is the Alpinestars Quick Seal Out kit. Called the Alpinestars Quick Seal out Jacket and Pants, this is an upgrade of sorts over the RS jacket and pants pull over item Alpinestars has had out for some time, if you are old school you'll remember the Alpinestars El Nino suit.

Are these two things great? Is the rest of the stuff great? We have no idea, but we hope you'll buy them from us before the other guys because we made this blog post.

Monday, January 16, 2012

AGV Rossi Eyeball Helmet - Limited 2012 Rossi

The all new AGV Rossi Eyeball Helmet - Limited 2012 Rossi is now available. We have our first stock rolling in and all eyes are on the EYEBALL helmet from AGV.

What a cool helmet. We've seen the Limited Rossi AGV helmets since the first one came through our store and this certainly is one of the most interesting designs. It's not too whacky, but whacky enough. Has some style. A little 2001 A Space Oddysyish

Motostrano customers typically collect these helmets, so please buy early. Even with the economy as it is, the AGV Rossi helmets sell fast.

"Welcome to the coolest AGV Rossi Limited helmets to come to our shores here in a loooong time. Enjoy. Called both the "EYEBALL" helmet, it's also the AGV Mugello helmet for 2012. Worn by Rossi, the fastest racer in the world.

The GP-Tech is AGVs range topping race helmet and as such we believe you?d struggle to find anything better than this. Shell: SSL ? Super-super-light Carbon-Kevlar construction Number of Shells: Three shell sizes Ventilation: IVS (Intergrated Ventilation System) with channels hollowed directly into the shell Padding: Coolmax, Hygienic Treatment, Removable and washable (inc neckroll) Visor: Clear, flat anti-scratch and no-fog race shield with tearoff system, XQRS Extra-quick release system Retention: Double D buckle"