Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gimoto Custom Leather Suits

Some of our recent work along with our supplier partners GIMOTO. Custom leather suits in Kangaroo.

Call up Motostrano or email us. We can arrange to develop a fully customized leather suit made just for you. Fit to your specific body. A perfect fit every time.

Pictured here are two kinds of two piece suits, customized to the owners sizing and color wants. One for men, one form a woman.

The middle suit is the GIMOTO Supermoto suit

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Roland Sands Ronin Jacket at Motostrano

Motostrano has the Roland Sands Ronin jacket in stock. A flagship model in the RSD line-up, they say " The Roland Sands Ronin leather jacket is forged from another time, when men were men and motorcycles were things to be tamed. Burly, yet soft, 1.2MM treated leather cowhide. Tailored to be both fashionable and mean. This is a jacket that is at home on the bike and off the bike. A motorcycle jacket that you can wear all the time."

It's high quality leather, light weight and ready for riding or not. The Ronin is lighter than the The Roland Sands Mission Jacket and uses distressed leather.

Tired of reading "designed in the USA, made in China". Or do you cringe when you see a brand hide their Made in China product by calling it "imported"? RSD has a motorcycle jacket for you. The Roland Sands Tracker jacket is a waxed cotton riding jacket made in the USA. Great looks. Nice price.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Acerbis Dual Road Handguards

The uses of plastics on a motorcycle are many and diverse. It's a shame that we are infatuated with expensive material like carbon and aluminum, when some well-made plastic would make aftermarket parts and bike customization so much easier and affordable.

The Acerbis Dual Road Handguards are a good example of what you can do with plastic on a streetbike. Good design. Functional purpose. These handguards aren't for racing and they'll fit on most streetbikes. Use them on a sportbike, dual sport or supermoto.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rizoma Parts at Motostrano

Motostrano has always offered the best aftermarket parts for your motorcycle. Bolt-on, easy to install performance and aesthetic parts to enhance the look of your bike. Among the best brands we offer include Rizoma, the Italian maker of fine billet parts and accessories for your bike.

Bike customizers of all shades of experience come to Motostrano for these Rizoma parts because we stock them at a good price and because Rizoma parts are high quality billet.

The Rizoma mirrors are enough to make any motorcycle enthusiast drool with envy. Extremely well made, aesthetically enhancing mirrors that change the way you ride and change the way your ride looks.

Currently, no other maker of cool aftermarket sportbike parts offer a more wide catalog than Rizoma. They have multiple types and colors of handlebars to select from. Various ways of mounting these bars. 2 types of custom grips. Color-optional levers, a bunch of brake reservoirs, rearsets, clip-ons and a nearly endless list of other goodies for your bike.

Motostrano is a direct importer of Rizoma products, importing fine Italian billet multiple times per month.

We offer Rizoma for sale on our web site and in our store, at likable prices.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Roland Sands Jackets and Gloves - Motorcycle Clothing Cool Factor

Have you actually ever read a product description on sales literature for a motorcycle jacket? Sure you have. I have. We all have. But have you actually ever reflected on that? Here's one from Alpinestars:
1.3mm top grade leather with extended perforated panels on the front for ventilation. External PU shoulder protectors derived from Alpinestars Racing Development program. MotoGP profile, perforated, back hump for improved aerodynamic and ventilation performance. Multiple external perforated leather panels on chest and back with foam padding inserts. Innovative side accordion stretch panel to enhance fit and flexibility. Functional accordion stretch inserts on elbow and shoulders. Aramidic stretch panels on sleeves. Fixed liner with 3D mesh liner insert on the back for comfort. -- D-ring waist adjustment. YKK front zip closure and YKK semi auto locking wrist closure....."
Blah, blah blah. It's like reading the ingredients of a bag of Cheetos. It's a JACKET, for crying-out loud. A jacket, for boys to use and ride around on little motorized bicycles so they can then pick up chicks better.

Has it become verboten to ride a motorcycle with a simple honest leather jacket? It seems so. And, to buy one of these high-tech wonders of engineering (it's a jacket), seems to also require all kinds of research and development, your's and the manufacturer's, with lots of HD videos with balding buffed guys in tight blue t-shirts doing reviews and product descriptions on YouTube like they really believed there's something special about the thing.

Does it have to be so complicated? Do we really need to be schooled in the science of buying a jacket?

Not really. Some things should sell themselves and require no introduction. These things stand alone, are timeless and need no props.

One of the primary benefits of riding a motorcycle is the increase in cool-factor obtained by the need (the genetic requirement) for a guy or gal to wear a motorcycle jacket. It would seem to be a given, but if you look around, there's really not much cool about motorcycle biker fashion these days. Highly technical, overly technical, most of the sport or standard bike riding gear available is highly over-engineered and overly purpose-built.

So, it's refreshing, to me, to see the clothing created by Roland Sands for motorcyclists who need good looking gear, made for riding on a motorcycle, but not exclusively so. This is stuff who's primary function it seems is first and foremost: attract chicks. Secondly, it's to ride motorcycles and look good doing it. Thirdly, it's to protect the rider from the elements and maybe a crash and also to keep the rider riding longer, comfortably.

I got to review the line last week here at Motostrano's headquarters and I was instantly sold on the good looks and quality of the whole catalog of jackets and gloves. Motostrano is now selling and stocking the Roland Sands Clothing for cool-factor riding protection.

This isn't stuff you're going to use for a track day. But it's also not fashion-only leather. This is purpose-built riding gear that tries not to sacrifice either style or performance. There's no body armor in the stuff, but there's pockets for it in some of the jackets and if you need armor you can always slip on a protection jacket or back protector by Forcefield or any other brand.

Motostrano's retail outlet and web site will the places where you will be able to find these great garments. We encourage you to visit our store, call our shop or order online.

Motostrano staff can walk you through any sizing questions you have, as well steer you to the right product that is right for you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Suburbanbikes, a test tube baby is born

A couple of years ago I got the idea to slowly start offering bicycles to our customers at the Motostrano retail store and on our web site. More of a test, really, to see if it would work, or whether folks would freak out.

Since that time, I've spent many hours on the side building out the concept, the brand and the vendor partners, "incubating" this new company within Motostrano, the parent. Over the past two years, we've slowly grown our bicycle business, adding inventory, learning from customers, what they are looking for. And, Im happy to say that ithout any real "birthdate", its become apparent, that Suburbanbikes is now a live creature. The chick has hatched.

Though still a work in progress, Suburbanbikes offers customers a place to come for casual and commuter bike riding. We're stocking classic and retro-style cruisers from Felt, as well as the whole felt Lifestyle line, including Fixie, City and BMX. Aside from bikes, we're also doing parts and accessories that enable owners to customize their bikes to suit their needs. Once again, as with Motostrano, it's about offering things no other store offers.

More creative types can take a bare cruiser frame, or a complete bike and customize it as they would a motorcycle project. It's fun to express one's creativity onto a bare bike frame.

Suburbanbikes is now a solid part of the Motostrano business. We stock bikes for the local community and customers have been driving from all over California just to view and buy these bikes, because we stock them and know them.

We're enjoying selling these bikes and we hope it shows. Come by our store for a test ride some day.

Suburbanbikes sells

  • Cruisers
  • Fixies
  • Urban/Hybrid Bikes
  • BMX
  • Bike Path Bikes
  • Men and Women's Bikes
  • Electric Bikes
  • Accessories

Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Mouth-Watering Orange/Black Supermoto Wheels

warp 9 supermoto wheels

They're hanging right in front of me and it's hard not to like these wheels.

Want some for your bike? order them up here in our supermoto wheels section!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Supermoto Fenders for your Motard Conversion

one of the first things you'll do during your supermoto conversion, is select a universal supermoto fender.

There are 4 major brands of supermoto fenders available. there's one other maker that we don't care for, so we dont offer it, by Maier.

All of our supermoto fenders are universal: ie. they will fit any bike and each requires you to drill your own mounting holes on to the plastic, usually with the help of a supplied template for drilling.

Each type of supermoto fender varies in style. All of them are are "supermoto" in that they are shorter than the average MX fender, since the front wheel of a supermoto is smaller than on an MX bike.

Each fender retails for something in the range of $30 or so. Each comes in all the big brand of fender colors so you can match or not match to your bike's plastic.

Motostrano sells more supermoto fenders than any store on the planet. We stock all major brands and all colors and fenders are included in most of our supermoto conversion kits.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Site Launch for

This week we are rolling out the all-new That's right, after 9 years of being on the same platform, we've moved on to more advanced pastures with more features and more flexibility, which we hope will mean better customer service, an easier to use web site and growth from us as a company. So, this is big, big, news for us and we're very happy to be moving forward with it.

Some of the features the new web site has that we think you'll enjoy are

  • Easy to use navigation with pull-down menus at the top of each page
  • Clean, bright design
  • More robust search engine. Search by any keyword, application, color, size
  • More product images
  • More product descriptions
  • More accurate related products
  • Automatic display of products by most popular
  • More sorting options in search and categories
  • Wishlist feature
  • User Profile feature with account history
  • Compare feature
  • Mobile site version for access on your phone or tablet
  • Google Check-out integration
  • Send to Google+
  • Send to a Facebook contact
  • Zoom on photos
We've structured the site much like our previous one. There's a section for motorcycle parts, motorcycle clothing, motorcycle tires, motorcycle helmets, and accessories.

All of our premier brands are still there. We have all of the gear from Alpinestars in our clothing section, along with GIMOTO leathers, ICON Clothing. These represent our premier brands, not to mention MVD Racewear, our preferred brand of supermoto clothing.

Motorcycle luggage now has its own section. Motorcycle tools now has its own section.

In addition to our new web site, we've made some internal changes to how we process and ship orders. We've removed some layers and steps that have been place for years, which we found only slowed down the order-to-shipment time frame.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Leather gear from R SPEED

R SPEED LEATHERS at Motostrano

In the coming weeks, Motostrano will be receiving a first shipment of R Speed leathers and riding gear. At Motostrano we take pride in being able to import goods from all over the world to offer to our US customers. In our history spanning from 2002, Motostrano at one time imported Vertemati motorcycles, Sil Moto exhaust and we continue to direct import Rizoma, Gimoto and other brands. R Speed will be another offering of ours, with off-the-rack suits for supermoto and road race, as well as custom designs.

Here are some photos