Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fall 2011 2012 Alpinestars Gear

The popularity of adventure riding and all the accompanying specialized riding gear that goes with it has become a primary target of Alpinestars in the last year or two. Probably years in the making, Alpinestars is doing all that it can to take some steam away from Revit's adventure riding gear sales, who has raised the bar for a lot of touring gear over the past few years.

Alpinestars isn't one to be shy about it's world-wide reach and you can bet money that Alpinestars motorcycle gear has covered more ground (and more BIG air) than all other riding apparel companies combined. Want to travel around the world in some adventure gear? Why not do it with gear from a company with gear that already reaches the far corners of the globe and in no panzy way? Alpinestars boots are already on every serious adventure rider, protecting ankles and toes for millions of KMs.

For it's latest release, Alpinestars is trying to push the limits of technical adventure gear, building on it's existing heritage of technology, it's patents and it's proprietary knowledge base that you can only get from decades of protection gear making. With names like the the Alpinestars LONG RANGE JACKET, the Cape Town Air DRYSTAR Jacket and the Köln Drystar Jacket, you can tell they are making it clear, these garments are made to take you to some very far corners of the globe.

Besides their High Adventure Riding Gear, astars have updated the Alpinestars Supertech R Boots and the SMX Plus Boots. Both boots have updated with a HIVIS color option that looks killer-fast.

The Alpinestars line of products have been a staple of the Motostrano catalog since our early beginnings. Newbies usually don't know Alpinestars' dominance in the motorcycle world and often get lost in the jungle of good and bad riding gear options that are available to them. It usually take a couple of years of riding experience and a couple of rounds of bad gear buying experience to get to know what's what, what quality gear is made of and what crappy gear is made of. In other words, Alpinestars is certainly a brand for riders "in the know". The latest collection from Alpinestars is highly refined and technical and will appeal to experienced riders looking for very functional, quality gear with great european styling for the sportbike and high adventure riding category.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

new ICON Reign Boots

Motostrano will be stocking the new ICON Reign Boots starting in the fall. The new Reign boots from ICON fit the bill for a commuter touring boot for sport bike, dual sport and casual riding. One more product to walk out of our foul-weather development center. The Reign boot's easy access and low profile design make it an excellent choice for the daily commute or long distance travel. Rugged waterproof YKK zippers make entry and exit a snap (actually a zip). The waterproof and breathable interior mean your feet stay cool and dry even when it's neither cool nor dry outside. Protection comes by the way of durable leather and a ballistic nylon upper mated with injection molded shin and ankle plates. The lowers feature an axialmetric steel shank along with slip-resistant high friction outsoles. Even with all of these features, we still managed to make them so lightweight and comfortable you may just want to wear them year 'round.Durable leather and ballistic nylon upper 100% waterproof seam sealed construction Waterproof and breathable inner lining Injection molded shin and ankle plates Rubber shift interface ribs High friction Icon outsoles Axialmetric steel shank Footpeg interface arch YKK waterproof zippers

ICON Enchanted Alliance Helmet

Motostrano has begun offering the new ICON enchanted Alliance helmet for sport bike riders.

Does any one have any info on this mystical man who fell into his tub?

"Legend has it, there once was a man who made LSD in his bathtub. Just as he finished the last step, he slipped on the floor mat and fell in to his home brewed psychadelic primer. He spent the rest of his life unable to communicate with the outside world because his voice had become a beam of energy which could only communicate through the interpretive motions of cats. He became the universe, he had deep conversations with inanimate objects, he flew so fast that light could not escape his harmonic vibrations, the garden was his dancing partner and the sun was his instrument. His story paints a picture that could never be told with words alone."

ICON Heartbreaker gear for women

ICON's come out with the ICON Heartbreaker Jacket and pant combo for women motorcyclists. Edgy, good looking gear the ICON Heartbreaker Jacket comes in black or red and has some sponsor logos and patches on it. The jacket is made to be worn with the ICON Heartreaker pants, which fall into the reinforced kevlar denim riding jeans category and look to be made of the right stuff. We haven't had the opportunity to test fit them on some real women yet, so if you're a woman and would like to donate your body for scientific study, drop us a line. Pants are a difficult item to get right size-wize, so lets hope ICON did their homework before letting these go to final cut.

All NEW ICON Fall 2011 Motorcycle Gear

I'm drooling over the 2011 Fall product from ICON. ICON moto has been on such a hard core roll with some fantastic, exciting motorcycle clothing and helmets in the past year and judging by their latest fall 2011 stuff, they're not letting up any time soon. With their complete end to end presentation, ICON is, for better or worse, putting a lot of other clothing companies to shame, or just flat out putting them out of business.

No longer just the "stunter" brand, ICON is really starting to give other makers of moto clothing a serious run for their money. I know, I know, they can't touch the likes of Alpinestars or SIDI in the boot and suit market, but who cares? You can't afford to go racing any more anyway. So, ICON is making some exciting hooligan stuff for the dudes having fun in the street, in the parking lot, in the back alley.

I like the ICON Guardian Alliance Helmet for it's wink at our boys fighting the good fights.

There's a limited edition ICON Hard Luck Jacket that will evaporate before you will realize it's that cool. We don't have numbers as far as how many will be made, but if it's anything like the "metal god" jacket that it copies, this thing won't last long, will be ordered up exclusively from the online shops and then sold on Ebay for double the price.

And since ICON is one of the few truly neutral clothing companies out there, Harley riders now have some black n orange ICON to wear with the new ICON Brawnson Sidewinder Jacket. Good stuff.

Oh and check this out! ICON is making a real motorcycle boot. The ICON Rein Waterproof boot is a touring commuting category killer. j