Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WR450F, done

Got this email from our customer out in Vietnam who purchased a kit
from us from half way around the world. Poetry.

37 PM (16 hours ago)

boys it starts out borrowing LAMS kdx 5 months ago....i dreeam about how much i miss MX feel..after 3 sleepless nights of DREAM OFF ROADING u think about whats the best bike..
My YZ was beautiful but no lights and no electric start..
THE ADVENTURE CONVERSION kits appears bec we need keep some off road roots when ride a MX er.
MUST HAVE 'FMF' to give the 450 a lil sound and kick...
beside the fact i havent found BLACK PLASTIC replacement it looks ok.
sits lower then the mx tires..which is nice..
u defintly feel the weight of the ASERBIS protecters.

thats the review is the machine..ready ride DIEN BIEN SAPA..anywhere with lots of fast curvy roads...or just go offroad and fly down soime fireroads..flexibilty boys ...

btw ..the front motard fenders sucks..this is with a bit of mud arriving ciputra from tn

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