Thursday, January 28, 2010

more agv helmet news

AGV has stepped it up again for 2010 with some new helmets that are out now and some that will be released over the next few months.

The AGV T2 is an evolution of the famed AGV Ti-Tech helmet and features an SSL (super-super light) Carbon-Kevlar shell that comes in 3 sizes. The helmet is available in sizes XS to XXXL. The T2 is light, every light. Lighter than the TiTech by a little and like the TiTech, the T2 falls into AGV's race helmet line-up, providing a snug fit that is ideal for racing and track days.

But the cool thing about this helmet is that AGV has released a line they call "legendary racers", with graphics to compliment well known racers including Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheen and Angel Nieto. Look for more racer replicas to come out in the future.

And so far we know about two limited edition Valentino Rossi helmets that will be available this spring. They are the Rossi Donkey GP Techhelmet and the Mugello Rossi GP Tech . As we go to press, the Rossi helmets are on pre-order status and due to ship next month. Get your order in now to ensure delivery when these limited helmets ship.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stateline Supermoto Challenge 2010

We getting super excited about the 2010 Stateline Supermoto Challenge and we hope you are too.
The top riders from all over the country will converge April 8-11,2010 at Bufallo Bills Casino in Primm, NV

Keep watching site, your email
and our twitter account ( for updates.

First off, the hotel information the reservation code is SCW0406 (Buffalo Bills).
Call 1-800-fun-stop to reserve your room.
Last year, we sold out our entire block of rooms, so don't delay.

Secondly, we are all setup and ready for Feb 1 opening of pre-registration.
Online Registration link (Opens Feb 1, midnight CST):
Keep in mind, pre-registering gives you practice on friday for FREE!

Supermoto School Details:
Just announced today, former AMA Supermoto Champion, Mark Burkhart and Doni Wanat will be
providing the bike schooling at Stateline Supermoto Challenge for 2010.
Segments will be targeted at both beginner and advanced riders. Full Details of the school program
will be forthcoming in the next few days.
Class fee: $275.
$100 deposit due before March 28th, $175 due day of class.
Deposit or entire school fee can submitted via XTRM:
For more details contact: Doni Wanat ( or 425-864-4582

Additional changes we have made to weekend schedule:
1. Saturday: Added 250 PRO class with 50% payback
2. Sunday: Added 250/400 Amateur class

We have LOWERED weekend Camping Fees for 2010!!!!
(any vehicle left overnight is considered to be camping)
$25 for the weekend per vehicle under 20 feet
$50 for the weekend per vehicle 20 feet to 30 feet
$75 for the weekend per vehicle 30 feet or over

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Motorcyclists to the rescue in Haiti

In the midst of the devastation in Haiti, I've read numerous reports where motorcycles have been used effectively in the chaos that followed in the wake of the earthquake.

With roads clogged, debri blocking roadways, traffic congestion from other cars and people and mayhem everywhere, motorcycles are being used as the only effective mode of transportation where cars can't go. Motorcycles are being used to carry in supplies to demolished city centers and they are being used as transportation for city officials to survey the area as they try to bring things back together. With communication systems down, motorcycles are also being used to carry messages back and forth in the chaos.

First Aid Kits For Motorcyclists

Picture this familiar scene: you're riding along your favorite twisty back road. You've been riding with your buddies for hours and you're way deep in the thick of it, 30 minutes at least from the closest fire department or medical facility. You reach a part of the ride that is technical, twisty and trafficless and your buddy (who's been on your rear tire for that past twenty minutes) decides he's tired of looking at your arse all day and it's time to make a pass. Problem is, he should have done this 10 minutes ago on that long straight and you watch as he blips by you and proceeds to skid off the road, onto the shoulder and down.

How many times has this happened, whether in your party, or another party? The more miles you get under your belt, the more experience you gain, the more stories you'll have or hear of crashes, accidents and calamities.

And a very similar story can be told for off-road. You're out enjoying the trail, deep in the woods on some goat trail. One minute you're having fun, the next you're looking for a fellow rider down a ravine. It happens all the time.

Yet, as a rule, most motorcyclists don't carry basic first aid kits when they ride, in spite of the fact that we participate in an enormously dangerous activity where personal injury is so utterly commonplace as to be almost cliche. It's an interesting phenomena and very similar to the "I don't plan on crashing" mentality we hear from riders who don't want to invest or wear quality protective clothing like gloves, boots and a leather jacket or suit.

For your own good, or the good of your fellow riders, carrying a well-equiped first aid kit with you, either strapped to your bike, inside a tank bag or saddle bag, or in a backpack should absolutely become part of your pre-ride checklist when getting ready to set off on your adventure, whether that be a short or long trip.

From providing CPR, to stopping the flow of blood on an open wound, to disinfecting scrapes and cuts, or pain killing, having a first aid kit on hand can mean your crew, or a stranger you encounter on the road, can get back up and continue riding. It could also be a life or limb saver in those grave circumstances where an ambulance can take 30 to 40 minutes to arrive. Or it could just be that you're able to give some extra bit of care and comfort to some one in pain as they wait for the EMTs to arrive.

Motostrano has collected some well-rounded portable first aid kits that are recommended for motorcyclists. Most of our kits have been packaged for their focus on medical supplies that most any motorcyclist can typically use after an incident on a motorcycle, either to help themselves or a fellow rider. Some of our kits have been packaged for the long haul- long distance trekking and touring. Others are designed for tour leaders or guides of mid to large size groups on multi-day tours.

Your typical home or camping first aid kit will be stocked with items not necessarily geared towards the kind of injuries and pain relief a motorcyclist might need. For instance, no matter how slow you may be, you can probably out run a mosquito or snake, so we don't include bug or snake bite supplies in our kits... but, our kits will feature eye cleaning solutions for when that bug gets in your flight path and lands in your eye.

Each kit has been selected for its portability and you can choose a kit that suits the type of bike you have, the type of trips you do, the terrain you'll cover, the type of luggage you own, how much weight or bulk for which you have room.

We have also tried to focus on kits that will fit well inside specific sets of bike luggage we offer for sale. Ideally, you'll want a first aid kit that you won't need to remember to bring. It also helps to be able to find it quickly when you need it. If the kit can be stored permanently to your bike so much the better. It should also be stored securely and protected from the elements of rain, intense heat and damaging sun rays.

You'll want to have a kit that you can easily remove from the bike and carry to where the injured rider is, so make sure you store the kit inside some type of portable carry bag that can be taken out of your luggage and used for a mobile assist.

Our motorcycle first aid kits are ideal for street riders, long distance touring, off-road, trail riders, commuters, atv, snowmobile and watercraft.

Friday, January 15, 2010

SD Test Bike launches supermoto track days and tours

SD Test Bike launches supermoto track days and tours

Introducing We've spent the last 6 years riding around in circles (literally) at the dmv. Well we added a couple of shiny supermoto bikes and now offer tours hitting the back hills and canyons of San Diego, as well as turn key supermoto track days. The days are set up to be all inclusive including bike, liability insurance, gas, fees, and instruction. Just show up and ride.

We've done all kinds of riding from cruising on Harleys, to road racing, to mx days, and honestly nothing compares to the pure fun of ripping around on a supermoto bike. Details below, we hope you'll join us for a ride.


Supermoto Tours

With our adventure tours we take our favorite roads and type of riding, and wrap it into a one day adventure tour. We'll hit the world class roads and trails that San Diego is famous for, as well as plenty of hidden gems. We'll cover everything from high speed sweepers on sticky smooth roads, to technical single track dirt riding, and everything in between. Our tours are limited to only 2 people per day, and are custom tailored to your riding level and preference.

You'll find your self riding along secluded mountain ledges, high speed firetrails, and fast smooth twisties that our bikes eat alive. Bike, insurance, and tour guide included for only $199. We keep speeds to a "spirited" pace, and focus on having fun and exploring. All you need to do is show up with your riding gear, we take care of the rest. Click here

$199 per day including bike, insurance, and professional guide.


Supermoto Trackdays

Socal Supermoto Trackdays

Our supermoto trackdays are designed to introduce the average street/dirt rider to the insanely fun world of supermoto track days. You will become a better rider, and you will have an absolute blast. Currently we use Adams Kart track in Riverside CA, and occasional Grange Motor Circuit in Victorville.

Just $199 per day! includes:

  • Track fees
  • Supermoto bike set up for the track (on busier days we share/rotate through the bikes, don't worry, you will get all the tracktime you can handle!)
  • Instruction: basic supermoto riding techniques, track prep, track etiquette.
  • Trackside photography of your session so you can show off to your friends.

main trackday page

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A2B Velociti Electric Bicycle

Ultra Motor has released a new electric bike for 2010 offering a lower priced electric bike model with scaled down features. The new A2B Velociti electric bike sells for $2399 and offers the same performance figures as the A2B Metro electric bike in terms of speed and range. This bike is a lighter bike with a fixed rear suspension, a narrower frame and smaller tires.

The Velociti, amazingly, features it's own unique frame design, so you still feel very planted on the bike, without noticing more weight. Nimble, quick and less expensive, this bike is a great!

The Velociti is available today at

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ICON Variant Helmet - supermoto helmet

Viva la Variant! Icon's Variant helmet due out end of month.

Offered in both a solid and a graphic.

Survival is a matter of enhanced situational awareness - an unforgiving maze of gravel strewn corners and malevolent steel. Comfort, vision, protection. Introducing the Variant helmet from Icon. A wind tunnel refined shape, executed in a Fiberglass/ Dyneema/Carbon matrix, along with an dual-density EPS core provide, provide the critical impact energy management. Extensive venting and a removable Hydradry (tm) wicking liner provide increase comfort by reducing rider fatigue. The anti-lift visor directs and channels airflow as it reduces the glare from an unyielding UV assault. While the extended eyeport and zero distortion optics provide unrivaled field of view. If the streets are your area of operation - equip yourself for the fight.* All world standard, meets or exceeds the following: dot fmvss 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) and SG (Japan) safety and testing standards. Does not ship with SAI or SG certification stickers. * Fiberglass / Dyneema / Carbon Fiber Shell * Industry leading muli-inlet ventilation system * Wind tunnel tested and refined Antilife visor * Integrated chin EPS Air Channels reduce shield fogging * Distortion free precision optics™ Anti-fog shield * Removable Hydra-Dry moisture wicking liner * removable chin curtain

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Luggage from Wolfman Luggage

bark at the moon!

Wolfman luggage makes excellent extreme adventure riding luggage for the rugged individualist type, world traveler- multi-terrain- over-lander- dakar trekker types. These riders are hard core. They don't shower much, except when it rains doing 70 on some old camel trail on the Sahara. They ride in any kind of weather, long distance (tens of thousands of miles) any type of terrain and when they get stuck on a trail, the United Nations or Bill Clinton usually have to get involved with helicopters to get them out. Yet, even these guys require a change of underwear once in a while and for that Wolfman Luggage creates heavy duty adventure motorcycle luggage that will hold anything and lots of it.

For the new year, Wolfman has introduced a number of bags for the two wheel motorized world traveler. The Expedition Dry line of luggage has been updated. There's also a new giant duffel called the Double Ended Duffel Bag. The Teton Saddlebags look great. You'll also find some new panniers and tank bags to store more gadgetry than you can possibly own on that big bike of yours! You'll find the the complete line of Wolfman Luggageon our web site.

REV'IT! and GORE-TEX Form Product Test Team

REV'IT! Sport International and GORE-TEX form the motorcycle apparel industry's first rider test team for product development.

REV'IT! Sport International and GORE-TEX have formed the motorcycle apparel industry's first prototype and product development test team composed exclusively of rider-enthusiasts.

The purpose of this team is to learn firsthand how our products are used, how they perform in real world conditions, and what the perceived success of these new products will be in the market, says Jordan Levitt, REV'IT!'s North American Director. Both REV'IT! and GORE-TEX are market leading brands, with a focus on new technologies which will improve the quality, comfort and safety of motorcycle apparel.

The process is as follows: Riders who are interested in becoming part of the team may fill out an extensive survey where they will input information about their riding habits, clothing sizes and other information allowing REV'IT! and GORE-TEX to assemble the team.

The initial pool of riders is expected to be from 300-500 selectees, which will be divided into groups of 50 team members. These team members will receive products for testing, and will be expected to complete a product specific performance log on a regular basis during the life of the test. This data will be used to improve the products prior to the introduction to the market.

According to Mr. Levitt, riders are often vocal concerning their desires, likes and dislikes in regards to motorcycle apparel. For the first time ever, we are allowing them to become part of the development process. It's very exciting for us to have direct rider interaction and we expect that it will be exciting for the team members as well.

To apply to become a test team member, simply go and apply.