Thursday, November 19, 2009

Supermoto Gift Ideas

"just in time for the holidays", as they say

We thought we'd give all the supermoto fans out there some ideas for Xmas gifts this season, seeing how it's getting close to the holidays and all. As a motorcycle rider, the last thing you may want is a new scarf this Christmas. You can use these ideas either for yourself, or your friends. Hint... pass this email on to the gift-giver in your local proximity...

A no-brainer gift for the active supermoto fan, racer or run-of-the-mill motorcyclist out there: any one of our four Supermoto DVDs. Impossible to find in stores, Motostrano stocks the DVDs and chances are good you or your buddies don't own all of them yet. Supermoto 2009 and Severe Supermoto 2 are new titles that were recently released.

We all have that friend, relative or husband or wife out there who's been struggling along in the Sportsman Class with their stock wheels and brakes, limping across the finishing line with cooked brake calipers and melted half-knobbies. Champions, they are, in their own class, but we all know they secretly or loudly desire a proper supermoto set-up. Motostrano's supermoto conversion kits start at $1100 right now and we can get kits out in time for Christmas.

Another great gift idea is any kind of product that is protective. Not only do many riders do without these items, it also makes a solid statement that you care about your favorite supermotardist and want as few bruises on them as possible. Motostrano stocks body armor products from Acerbis, Alpinestars, TPRO and others.

Other apparel related items include motorcycle gloves, a new jacket or under suit. Motorcycle boots, motorcycle socks, waterproof things.

Finally, casual wear items are a fool-proof gift for any motorsports fan. Alpinestars hoodies, t-shirts and hats are a great gift for any motorcycle rider. Many of our hoodies and t-shirts are on sale and we also have our popular Alpinestars T-Shirt Three Pack available again.

Motostrano as an easy return policy in case something doesn't fit or the receipient doesn't like the item. Around the holidays we extend our return policy time for easy returns and exchanges. If you think a return is possible, please make sure to avoid purchasing close-out items, since we reduced prices on these items drastically but also restrict our returns on them. Our close-out items are located here, here and here.

Need help? Give us a call or email us for more ideas. We're happy to recommend sizes on clothing or parts for a specific type of motorcycle. 650-780-9306

Sneak Peak: Givi Ducati Streetfighter Luggage

We got a sneak peak of some soft luggage to be available soon for the Ducati Streetfighter:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Science Minute: Eyes Wide Shut

Science Minute:

Today scientists in Geneva, Switzerland announced a new technology designed to allow car drivers to maintain their speed while facing the sun. Dr. Franz Augen, who grew up in the small town of Scheinberg, says he came up with the chemical theory for tinting plastic while on vacation last summer in California. The new technology called "Sunglasses" is expected to transform the way we drive when facing the sun.

Dr. Augen: "We were traveling with my family near San Francisco one early morning, when suddenly all of the traffic came to a near stop and I thought Was ist Das? Was ist los? Some type of incident? Are they construction on the road? Thirty minutes later, when we came to the end of the traffic, there was nothing. I was shocked."

That's when Dr. Augen, a Chemical engineer, looked up and saw that it was the sun that was causing all of this traffic and that nothing was actually in the road to make so many drivers slow down to a near stop.

"I realized that if you constructed two pieces of plastic with a dark tint built into them and placed them over the eyes, the drivers would still be allowed to see where they are going, but not be so blinded by the blinding rays of the Sun."

These "Sunglasses" are held up on to the driver's face by way of a bridge structure over the nose and ears. While wearing them, the user can still see where they are going, even while looking in the direction of the sun, thus allowing the user to drive facing the sun, without slowing down. When not in use, the apparatus can be stored safely in a shirt pocket, a purse, or a glove box.

Though Dr. Augen's invention is still in testing mode, he says, one day we might be able to purchase "Sunglasses" every where, perhaps even at any gas station.

Former Department of Transportation Secretary Maryann Occhi agrees, "Sunglasses could go a long way to improving traffic flow and decreasing congestion on our nations highways."

Team Intents Race Report - Motegi

Race Report for Team Intents Racing / Motostrano / JST Racing Round #9 of All Japan Supermoto at Twin Ring MOTEGI

Team Intents Racing / Motostrano / JST Racing is a two-rider team including, Travis Marks #64 and Brandon Case #33. Travis Marks has a background in motocross and begin racing supermoto in 2003 with the start of the AMA Supermoto Series. Brandon Case will be competing in his first full year in XTRM/AMA Supermoto Series. Both riders will be competing on 09 Honda CRF 450 in the Premier class at the 2009 XTRM/AMA Supermoto Series and selected local races. Team Sponsors are Intents Racing,, JST Racing, Motion Pro, SME, Hammerhead, Independent, Pro Honda Oils, Leo Vince, Alpinestar, Larabar, Superpass and Travis Marks would also like to thank, Shoei, Hart and Huntington, American Supercamp, Pinit Motorsports and X Brand Goggles Brandon Case would also like to thank, JA Cook Investments Inc., Precision Intermedia, Bad Asstrich’s Designs, Mammoth Motorsports and Pacific Motorsports

Although the AMA season had finished up at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah on Sept. 6th, Team Intents Racing / Motostrono / JST Racing was busy getting ready to send rider Travis Marks to Japan for the last MFJ supermoto race at the Motegi Twin Rings Track. With this being Travis’s first time traveling to Japan, long time sponsor John Tai from Motostrano and JST Racing head over to Japan with Travis. With the help from Saai Racing, Travis competed in the M1 class ( 450 Premier Class). The team shipped over Travis’s suspension, brakes, clutch, front wheel, tires and bars. Saai Racing had a Honda CRF 450 for Travis to use and support at the track. Travis had a great time in Japan and enjoyed racing against the riders in the MFJ M1 supermoto class. Team Intents Racing / Motostrano / JST Racing would also like to give an extra thanks to Russell at Intents Racing, Joe at Motostrano, Greg and Jeff at Alpinestar, Larabar, Chris at Motion Pro, Harry at SME, Hammerhead, Rich at X Brand Goggles, Sport Tire Services, Hart and Huntington and Superpass. Travis hopes to return next year for another race in Japan.


Round #8, Motegi Twin Rings Track, Oct. 24t and 25th
Lap Attack, M1 Premier Class #64 Travis Marks – 6th
Heat #1, M1 Premier Class #64 Travis Marks – 4th
Main, M1 Premier Class #64 Travis Marks – 5th

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ultra Motor A2B Short Term Review

I've been riding our demo A2B electric bike for the past week for testing purposes and the bike is living up to its reputation as a great commuter tool. I took the bike so far on 4 ten mile trips of varying terrain and it's performed very well.

Handling- thanks to the bike's stout frame, wide tires and burly suspension, the A2B Ultra Motor is very flickable at all speeds. The frame is well balanced and rider position is very comfortable. Not super sporty, but not wholly cruiser-like either. You feel like you are on a heavier bicycle or a very light moped. It feels much more planted than a standard light weight bicycle.

Speed- the speed of this bike is impressive, which isn't to say that I don't yearn for another ten or twenty mph out of it, but it definitely gets up and goes plenty fine for a bike of this weight. In the higher speeds, the bike seems to have two ranges- a cruising speed and a passing speed. As the battery wears down on longer trips, that passing speed seems to go away and the cruising speed drops a little.

Purism - To the purist bicyclist who would complain about the A2B being a cheater-bike. It is and it isn't. Throw an incline at the bike and you'll want to take the strain off the motor, keep up your speed and preserve battery range by pedaling. Pedaling is easy and comfortable. You'll also do the same off the line, when starting from a stop. So, though the bike has a motor, you're doing a good amount of pedaling to keep the bike moving and that's good for your body and the bike. You can get a good work-out with the A2B ultra motor if you want and if you don't, you don't have to. And- when you're not getting a good pedaling work-out- know that you're taking advantage of the bike's small footprint, easy of parking and other advantages that you don't get otherwise.

Hills- I put the bike to some major incline tests to see how it would perform on hills, since hills are one of the main things that customers will want the A2B for. The A2B is fine on medium hills, though your speed will decrease a little and battery life starts to dwindle. On very very steep hills, the A2B's motor will stop working and make you walk. I tested it on a short very steep hill that I can't pedal up on a regular bike and the A2B did not like it. I then tested the A2B on a 2 mile incline that I can climb on a regular bike and the bike did well. It was strained to a degree and speed was reduced, but it pulled like a champ, requiring some good pedaling on my part. When you give this bike some serious hills though, that's when the A2B stops being like a scooter and starts being a heavy bicycle. A definite bonus: just as you crest that grueling hill, unlike a regular bike, squeeze the juice and you can ride out that last few feet of your hill and relax. Another bonus- though the bike is heavy and a little harder to push up hill, you can use the motor also to help lug it up any hill. Just flick the throttle a little and walk next to it at low speed.

Braking - the A2B has some excellent brakes. With the right adjustment this will stop quick at any speed and it will easily do a stoppie if you grab too much front brake.

Comfort- the positioning and geometry of the bike are very comfortable. I kind of wish it had a non-step-through frame so that I could use my knees for steering as well, but the wide seat and wide stance of the bike don't necessitate that either.

My transit times were cut down significantly compared to the same trip done on a standard bicycle. This means you can get to work or home quicker and a little less strained, but you're still putting in effort to keep the bike going.

So far, the A2B Ultra Motor electric bicycle is proving to be a great option for folks looking to get out of their cars more often and get on two wheels. Great for every day commutes under twenty miles. Great for bolting down to the grocery store and nearby cafe. Use it to get to work and you'll avoid the rat-race-pull-your-hair-out mornings that your neighbors have to endure. Use it for mid-day lunch dashes and you'll have enough time to go that favorite place a few miles further than you would normally go, that also may not have any parking, without jumping into your car.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike

This week Motostrano added an electric bicycle to its product mix, with the Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bicycle.

See, we figured with electric bikes being oh about a hundred years old by now, it was time for a motor-cycle shop to jump in on the e-bike bandwagon. We're quick like that. Motorcycles began their lives originally as motorized bicycles, so you could say we are de-evolving.

The A2B electric bike is a blast to ride. It's kind of like riding downhill- all the time. Pedal if you want, coast if you want. Enjoy the scenery. Take it slow. Enjoy the silence. Park on the sidewalk, use the bike lane, carry your bike up to your apartment. Park your commuter tool in your cubicle. Whatever.

These bikes have a 20 mile range on the main battery. Double that with an add-on secondary battery. They cruise without pedaling at 20MPH (the legal limit for a motorized bicycle) and you can boost that up a few with pedal power. Riding an A2B is like riding a light weight moped but you can actually use it also as a bicycle if you want. Charge it up and go.

The wheels and tires on the bike are beefy, as is the frame and seat, giving this bike a firm and planted feel. Posture is a comfort bike/ cruiser bike stance.

Full suspension front and rear. Adjustable.

These bikes have a two year warranty with one year on the battery.

Good clean fun. A great way to commute to and fro work with some pedaling and still have Brianna give you that sexy wink she gives you every morning instead of arriving to work a sweaty mess.

Motostrano is a stocking dealer of the A2B. We will also be adding a full range of OEM and aftermarket accessories to our online catalog, including spare parts and upgrades. Call us to schedule a demo and buy one of these great bikes.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Akrapovic Ducati Streetfighter Exhaust

Akrapovic Titanium

Akrapovic's new slip-on exhaust for the Ducati Streetfighter is now in stock! A truly beautiful exhaust paired to a very beautiful motorcycle. The new Akrapovic system features twin hexagonal shaped mufflers with titanium or carbon fiber muffler sleeve. Additionally, the Ducati Streetfighter puts out a powerful racing sound with this system. You will also save up to 3.45 kg compared to the stock Ducati exhaust system. In both configurations, mufflers include removable noise dampers. The Akrapovic SLIP-ON open system greatly increases the potential of the big twin cylinder engine. Both power and torque are increased over the entire rpm range, with the greatest increase shown in the middle and top of the range. We measured 147.79 HP at 9929 rpm, while the max. increased power of 4.95 HP was measured at 9850 rpm. That results in a much smoother ride as the biggest gain of power starts from 4500 rpm.

We also received more stock of the extremely rare and equally expensive full Akrapovic exhaust for the BMW HP2. These systems are all hand built by Akrapovic and offers a whopping 6.2HP increase!