Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alpinestars Nero Clothing Line Product Launch

I popped on to today to see what's new and noticed a link way at the bottom for Alpinestars Nero. I'd sneaked a peak of the Nero line from an un-named source a few months earlier and was eager to see it come to life. It's out and it's cool, in Europe, on its way to us in the States soon, hopefully.

Nero is an "authentic" Black Label line from the world's top motorcycle apparel company. It's motorcycle clothing with a lot of fashion, less performance and seemingly a lot of quality. With jackets priced in the low thousands and boots in the mid 300s, I'm anticipating a high end product, something you'd see in a high end small clothing boutique.

It comes on the heels of an interesting site redesign from Alpinestars, that has transformed the presentation of product into a virtual catwalk. The whole web site needed a face lift in order to unveil this product line, which is clearly a step above the rest of the line, but fits in well, in my view, rounding out the catalog.
With $2400 leather race suits, why shouldn't the city slicker motorhead get to dress up in some high fashion threads to boot?

Limited edition, limited production and absolutely priced out of most folks moto apparel budgets, which is a plus. I'm not into "seeing myself coming and going" in the world.

The Nero line is for the rider looking for some functional motorcycle leather fashion, with european style. The ALLOY product cluster from a few years back came close to the look. The stuff will fit on any bike, but probably rolls best with NAKEDs, clean choppers, model year 2007+ urban bikes and any one of the new mega scooters on the market. It's stuff to bolt to the office on without looking too much like a gearhead.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top 5 Stuff You Can't Buy Anywhere Else

Because we are painfully aware of how torturous it is to order something from some blind web site operated by robots somehwere in south america, or some other place in the world, only to find, to your great horror and utter disgust, that the item you have been patiently craving and dreaming of for three long years, that useless little waste of pay check thing that you don't need and that's keeping you up late at night, curled up in side your bed, is back ordered (ghasp!) with no ETA, no hint of when it might show up, no end to the torture... because of all that, we offer our top 5 list of things that are IN STOCK at Motostrano and that you simultaneously can not purchase anywhere else.

We know the pain, the sense of nausea, the cramping, the shivering. The feeling of loss. It's enough to make you want to vent about it to your "friends" on the discussion forums along with all the other useless afterthoughts and did-ya-knows, littering your critique with countless thumbs down, accusations, red faces, blame, etc. etc. We know, among other things, that this thing that you can't have will consume your energies for at least 3 days, cause you to lose a half hour of sleep at least once in those 3 days, perhaps even contribute to one night of prematuredness with a loved one. But this only makes you want the thing that you can't have even more. And you will never forget the experience of not having it, of waiting. Whether it be due to a track day or race day that was missed because your socks didn't arrive on time, or the group ride that had to be post-poned because the tank protector shipped a day late, if one broken promise is experienced, one failed call-back, one stretch of truth whiffed, you'll dish out the greatest masterpiece of online forum vendor bashing that the world has ever encountered, there, cast in stone for all eternity to discover until a comet destroys this great planet we all share.

And so without further delay- 5 great stuff that are in STOCK at Motostrano and back ordered every where else.

  1. Alpinestars Tech Race Undersuit
  2. Alpinestars Aero Tech Backpack
  3. Alpinestars Aero Tech Tank Bag
  4. Alpinestars SMX Air Flow Jacket, Size 54
  5. SIDI Street Burner Boots

Monday, March 3, 2008

Broc Glover's Breathe Easy Ride Against Cystic Fibrosis


Join the 1st Annual Broc Glover's Breathe Easy Ride Against Cystic Fibrosis

On Sunday, March 30, 2008, motorcycling enthusiasts can ride alongside some
of their favorite racing legends in a fun street ride to benefit a great
cause. This event is the 1st Annual Broc Glover's Breathe Easy Ride Against
Cystic Fibrosis, and it takes in about 100 miles of scenic backcountry
roads through the hills of northern San Diego and southern Riverside
counties. The ride begins and ends in Temecula, CA, and includes
motorcycling celebrities, food, beverages, prizes and more—including a
Jesse Rooke custom Harley-Davidson as Grand Prize!

Motocross racing legend and AMA Hall of Fame member Broc Glover is the
moving force behind this event, and for good reason: His son Dayne has been
diagnosed as having Cystic Fibrosis, a cruel and life-shortening disease.
So now Glover is bringing to bear the intensity and focus that made him a
renowned MX competitor into the fight against CF.

"Before our son, Dayne, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, I had barely
heard of the disease,” Glover says. "I am reaching out with a goal to
increase awareness and raise research funds for the Cystic Fibrosis
Foundation, an organization that has taken the lead in raising funds and
promoting research towards a cure. We are not talking about research that
will take place in years to come; we are talking about breakthrough
research that is happening right now. The cost of conducting research is
extraordinarily expensive, yet it’s literally extending the lives of CF
patients today, including my son—so this work is very effective and
extremely personal.

"Our family has been overwhelmed by the support and generosity the entire
motorcycling community is demonstrating with this event. It is truly
awesome what amazing people motorcyclists are, a caring group that embraces
all participants as part of their own extended family. We have been truly
touched by the huge response we are receiving for this event."

Maria Olson, Executive Director of the San Diego chapter of the Cystic
Fibrosis Foundation, added, “When the Foundation was started in 1955,
children were not expected to live to make it to elementary school. Today
the average life expectancy of CF patients has risen to 37 years. The
Foundation’s roots began with the parents of children with CF; there is no
government funding for this disease, it relies strictly on private
donations. Our business model is like no other charity; we take the funds
we raise and directly approach biotech and pharmaceutical companies to
conduct research on behalf of CF. More than 90 cents of every dollar raised
goes directly to research.”

A host of racing greats and other motorcycling personalities will be
joining Glover for this event:

Mike Bell: 1980 AMA Supercross champion and factory Yamaha racer.

Roger DeCoster: Five-Time Motocross World Champion and des Nations
Champion. Roger’s 30-year-old nephew is afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis.

Gevin Fax: model, actress, musician and motorcycle enthusiast. She annually
performs the National Anthem at Love Ride and Beach Ride.

Betsy Huelskamp of WRN, Easyrider magazine and the Discovery Channel's
“Biker Women” and “Everest Beyond the Limit.”

Rick Johnson: One of the greatest AMA motocross and Supercross racers of
all time.

Danny LaPorte: 1979 500cc Motocross National Champion, member of first U.S.
winning Motocross des Nations team and 250cc Motocross World Champion.

Eddie Lawson: Four-time World Road Racing Champion.

Jeremy McGrath: Supercross legend, 10-time champion.

Roland Sands: National Champion road racer turned custom bike builder.

In addition, famous bike builder Jesse Rooke will be joining the group and
has also created a specially customized Harley-Davidson motorcycle that
will be given away to one lucky winner as the Grand Prize in addition to
other prizes awarded at the conclusion of the ride. Famed announcer Larry
Huffman will MC the event. Also, there will be an online auction connected
with this event that will feature motorcycle memorabilia including a
Valentino Rossi-autographed AGV helmet, MX gear from Chad Reed, Ryan
Villopoto, Jeremy McGrath and more, plus a Jason Pridmore 2-day STAR riding

To get the full low-down on Broc Glover's Breathe Easy Ride Against Cystic
Fibrosis or make a donation, log on to and find out
how you can join this event and contribute to the battle against Cystic

------ End of Forwarded Message
(See attached file: brocdaynejesse.jpg)

To All,
The below press release went out late Thursday within the motorcycling
community via Dunlop's marketing agency, Vreeke & Associates.

My heartfelt thanks to all who have helped get this event off the ground.
I am very excited to be involved in this charity event especially since it
is for a cause that is so very personal. The March 30th, Breathe Easy Ride
should be an enjoyable day of motorcycling and camaraderie all the while
raising funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.

Since we are generating revenue through many different avenues including
raffle-style giveaways and an on-line auction, all charitable donations of
product and memorabilia items are openly welcomed. If you wish to
contribute in any way please feel free to contact me directly.

Kindest regards,

PS - If you have already received a copy of this release please accept my
apologies for the repetition.

Broc Glover
Sr. Manager, Motorcycle Off-Road & Supermoto
Goodyear Dunlop Tires N.A., Ltd.
PO Box 9431
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Phone/Fax: 858-792-5221
Cell: 858-344-9054