Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some Favorite Sites

Jocky Journal - one of the few moto sites that have really caught my eye in the past... oh more than a year.

Steepandcheap - the business model of this site is interesting, to say the least. Granted, it's a sub site of another company all together, but the concept is interesting, would never work in the Motorcycle industry, where the margins are too dinky. Motostrano may try something similar to this within our site some day. one of my favorite clothing oriented web sites. Thanks to Natalie I know about this.

American Apparel I hate and love this web site and company. The CEO seems to be a nut, maybe that's why I have an affinity for it. I mostly return again and again to gaze at the hot young women posed seductively. The clean barebones design is a little dry, but oh those hot little things in boy shorts and stuff just make the site.

Yahoo Yea, Yahoo. After being born and raised on Yahoo oh for the last 10 years or so, I got wooed by Google last year for just about everything. But you know what? All that quick and clean search just gets a little boring after a while. Yahoo's heavy emphasis of multi-media and content approach is starting to appeal again.

Catching Up...

I set up a Flickr Account for Motostrano. After 5 years of saving photos on my hard drive, I thought to post up some or all of my photos and graphics on Flickr. Flickr is very cool.

Motostrano has renewed its support of the ROCKSTAR H&H Supermoto camp for 2008. We'll also be helping out a few other parties in the mix as time permits.

The Motostrano catalog has expanded. We try not to sell EVERYTHING. That would be a futile experiment in terrible customer service and other motorcycle parts companies do a really fine job of that. However, we have expanded our catalog to include a few more brands, as well as increased the products depth of some of our existing brands like EVS and SIXSIXONE. Joe Rocket, we've brought back GIMOTO, KLIM and even a little Fieldsheer.

After taunting us with their prototype rearsets for probably over a year, the CRG Rearsets appear to be near to release. At any moto event we'd go to Joe from CRG would have this big bulky piece of billet seemingly stashed in his pocket. He'd come up to our tent or booth like some kind of CNC drug dealer and his eyes would light up, just a little. Out popped this glittery, sparkling piece of handywork that quite simply made you wish Cyclecat was still making stuff. The product looks solid. It's been years in the making. Seems to be shipping mid January.

Other new and noteworthy stuff: the Shoei Hornet DS Helmet,

Moto-Master has produced a brake master cylinder to accompany their race brake kit.

And So This Was Christmas

I have some free time and some catching up to do on this blog so I'm going to rapid fire some posts here.


For 2008 we'll be changing up our Blog a little. Well, a lot actually. We're going to open it up to non-Supermoto stuff, as well as Supermoto stuff of course. In a nutshell, this will just give the blog more to blog about and expand things to sport bike, adventure bike and any other category that catches our eye, whether motorcycle related or not. So, the Supermoto Blog is now the Motostrano blog.


Christmas 2007 came and went in a puff of smoke. In terms of overall operations and execution for Motostrano- it was our best ever. I judge how well Christmas goes by the amount of nasty angry Mom or girlfriend calls I pick up from irate customers wondering where their Christmas gifts wandered off to. This year was painless compared to previous years. Hats off to my team- our customer service was so good this year, all we could do was help rescue the Christmases of other shoppers who had the misfortune of ordering their stuff at some other really crappy competitors' web sites. I'll spare their names for you.

From a sales perspective, the holiday was a total bomb. 2006 was a joy ride compared to this. Sales were barely up over November, which is typically our slowest month of the year. We need to kick this downtrend and get back to business.

Highlights of the year include: my trip to Italy with Alpinestars and going to MOTOGP , hanging out "with" (in the same room) Schumacher, Stoner and Hayden at the Alpinestars camp. Having another kid, Luke. Quitting smoking.

Our New Year's resolutions include: make more money (we rarely do), take more time off, work less, ride more, spend less, eat less, drink less, love more, play more, save more. Take a vacation.