Friday, December 19, 2014

E-Bike Financing Now Available at Motostrano - Electric Bike Buying Made Easy

We know an e-bike purchase is a big thing for a lot of people, which is why we worked hard over the past year to put together a consumer financing option that we felt would be something we could offer to our customers with a good feeling and help people get the bike they want sooner rather than later.

With electric bikes costing upwards of $2000, $4000 and even $8000, we wanted to offer a financing option to our customers that worked. 

After a lot of shopping around, we selected Synchrony bank (formerly GE Capital) as our go-to people for our consumer financing and so far the results have been very positive. Particularly around the holidays, it's helpful to have the option of paying for something later. With GE, we are able to offer a variety of programs, plus an easy, hassle-free application process that is just like signing up for a store card at a department store.

The process is simple. Use our web site to figure out what e-bikes might work best for you. Then call or visit our store for a hands on demonstration, a detailed sales presentation from our staff we we will advise you on options and what to look out for and which models might be best suited for your general purpose. There are electric bikes made for commuting, for off-road mountain biking, a little of both, or cargo capacity, etc.

Once the bike has been selected, we'll fill out a simple online application and know whether you qualify in seconds. Once approved, we can process you purchase and get you rolling on your new electric bike.

Synchrony offers 6 months or 12 months financing.

E-Bikes Are Life Changing For Dutch in Marin County

Dutch is in his 80's. He surfs and rides mountain bikes all over Marin county on his Haibike AMT XDURO Electric Mountain bike. He's part of a group of 3 or 4 other riders, also in Marin, old timers of the trails up there who are having a blast and "second wind" using their electric mountain bikes to help them up the trails.

Dutch brought his baby in for a little fine tuning today and Kenny is going over it with a microscope. Kenny is our master bicycle mechanic here at Motostrano and brings years of technical and customer experience to our organization. He's a Navy vet, has been wrenching on bicycles for ever and when he's not pedaling on two wheels, he's blasting around on his KTM motorcycle off-road. Dutch's baby is in good hands, in other words.

Dutch and his gang use their bikes 3 or 4 times a week, both together and on their own and it's changed the way they live.

Don't feel too bad if they pass you going up hill on a Black Diamond trail - consider it a challenge to push harder. When asked about how he likes his bike he calls it "life changing", the best thing he ever did.

Dutch says that when he and his gang of 3 buddies, also Haibike riders go out, he used to get asked "hey is that a cheater e-bike?" and then it turned in to "hey, look an e-bike" and now he hears "hey check out that Haibike". And when people ask about how they may be hard on trails he jokes back to them, "No, no, you have to be a licensed AARP member on medicare and have a note from your Doctor to ride these things. We know what we're doing." Dutch and his group are inspiring and a tribute to the magic that Haibike and Felt e-bikes with BOSCH have brought to the US this year.

Dutch watches over Kenny like a surgeon watching a doctor performing a heart transplant. This is that important. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bosch Research and Technology Center E-Bike Demonstration Event

It was a great honor to demonstrate and promote the Haibike BOSCH powered e-bike model range today at the BOSCH Research & Technology Center.

At hand were the popular range of e-bikes from BOSCH including the Haibike RX 29er, the Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5 Mountain Bike and the Trekking Xduro RX.

The BOSCH campus is full of young technologists and scientists, most of whom are regular bike riders to and from work and very interested in modern urban mobility and the science of motion.

BOSCH Palo Alto staff spend their time developing robotics, next generation batteries and wireless technologies, just to name a few. The BOSCH e-bike program is a major force within the company and is fast revolutionizing bicycling.

BOSCH scientists and technologists instantly took to the Haibikes, riding with smiles, igniting ideas of possibility and progress. 

With so much traffic and congestion along the Silicon Valley corridor, it is still easy to discount bike riding as a viable means of transportation and get stuck in a rut of 4 wheels and cars. 

Staying active, keeping mobile, reducing emissions and taking up less space. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

E-Bike To & Through The Redwoods

The weather outlook for this Saturday is clear skies. Let's take advantage of the break in the rain and some great weather and ride through the redwoods to the top of Skyline and back on e-bikes. You can do it! 

BOSCH e-bikes are not required, but recommended (we have many for sale if you are interested). If you have one, bring it! Let's make a little buzz up the mountain and see what these bikes can do. 
This ride will start sharp at 7AM from the Motostrano/Suburbanbikes shop at 926 Broadway in Redwood City 
It's about 13 miles each way and very beautiful. The ride itself should last about 3 hours and we'll ride up 2000 feet of elevation and back down it so make sure your battery is well charged. 

We'll start off in Redwood City and make our way up to Woodside, through Huddart park and up the winding King's Mountain Rd. At the top we can stop to rest and take pictures and have a snack.  
What to bring
You: have a clear head and be ready for a good ride on a quiet country road
Water: one or two bottles of water
Snack: energy bars for the ride
Tools: spare tube
Rain gear: Just in case 
Camera: for the beautiful wet Redwood Forest. 
Note: This is an all paved ride up to the top of Skyline and back. The roads will be wet and full of slippery leaves. It's not a race and safety is first. The road itself is normally quiet but expect a car or motorcycle to pass you respectfully. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Felt Electric Demo Day at Motostrano This Saturday

Motostrano is hosting another great e-bike event with the Felt Electric demonstration and exhibition event. Felt's complete 2014 line will be on hand for you to touch and try, explore and buy. We'll be conducting rides through out the day, where you can enjoy a great day on an e-bike on a beautiful Fall day in California.

The Felt e-bikes we'll have on hand include the Felt Sport-E, the Felt Nine-E electric bike and hopefully some suppress previews from the 2015 line including the Felt Lebowsk-e electric bike and maybe Dual-e.

Our DEMO days are designed to give you a hands on experience, talk to factory representatives as well as other riders just like yourself. We'll be doing extended road and off-road rides on various model bikes and we'll switch off as well.

Our next demo is tomorrow, October 25 from 9 AM to 5 PM.

In addition to store demos, at either our Redwood City or San Francisco stores, we also conduct off-site demos and can visit your company or town to display the benefits of e-biking to your audience. Call us!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's New At Motostrano - Ebikes

Faster, lighter, longer, better, funner e-bikes for recreation and commuting.
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Haibike Electric Bikes
So much is happening on the e-bike side of our business that we could fill ten blog posts that would bore you with the endless details about what we saw at Eurobike and what we'll see at Interbike. In short, the world is counting on the bicycle industry to deliver it from so many evils: traffic, pollution, obesity, parking tickets, insurance costs and so much more. And the industry is stepping up to the plate with loads of killer apps for the motorized bicycle sector. Motostrano has a lot of this technology in our stores now. We encourage you to visit our web site and either of our stores to test and buy the latest technology to make its way to the United States.
Around Europe, it used to be, you'd see mopeds and scooters buzzing around big metro areas, as well as small towns and villages. If you haven't been over there lately, you might be surprised to know that the high pitched buzz and the sweet smell of 2 stroke exhaust has almost completely been replaced with silent e-bikes of all type of variety and brand. Traffic, gas prices, insurance and license costs are higher than they are than in the US and though Europe is home to some of the strongest bike-cities in the world, many European towns only recently let bikes take over so strongly and e-bikes are now one of the most preferred ways to get around town. 

You can see us from space...

If you're local, the next time you visit our store you'll be in for a surprise. We had some fun with paint on the building. 
Call us at 650-918-6259 or visit our store today to experience one of our
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Haibike Ebikes With BOSCH Motors Now In Stock

Our BOSCH powered HAIBIKE mountain bikes are now in stock and ready for purchase.

We have a limited initial run of bikes in stock and they are going fast.

The HAIBIKE RX29er is the hot 29er bike to take on the trail and have as much fun going up, as down.

The HAIBIKE FS RX is the full suspension e-bike with the same BOSCH set up.

Each bike is equipped with BOSCH's 250W center drive motor and 400Wh battery, controlled by the Intuniv control system.

Easy to use. German engineering. The best technology available.

To own one of these great bikes, visit our web site, call our store, visit our store.

We unveiled the first two bikes to make it to the USA with great applause.

We took the bikes out to our testing area with the Bay Area's finest early adopters. Though, admittedly, most of the people testing the bikes with us have been waiting for the Haibikes for over a year.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ebikes & Motorcycle Gear At Motostrano Since 2009

it's 2014 now and ebikes are the talk of the town in the United States and all up and down Asia.

back in 2009, when Motostrano sold its first electric bicycle, things were quite different. waist deep in a recession, the motorcycle industry in a stink, we were looking for ways to diversify towards a more future-forward business, one that greeted the sustainable concepts and new motor technologies that were then only just starting to seem viable.

we were the early adopters of what is now a common sight at some moto shops and plenty of bicycle stores. with our first e-bike vendor, Ultra Motor (now HeroEco and A2B), we spread the world with e-bikes via our single showroom in Redwood City.

five years later, Motostrano's show room is filled mostly with bicycles, 25% of them being e-bikes. we also opened our second location in San Francisco. our catalog promotes and sells over 22 different brands of electric bicycle from companies all over the world.

in that time, our service department has grown and our service knowledge base has expanded to cover all types of e-bike possibilities, including conversion kits and custom builds.

additionally, we have expanded our customer base to include riders of all ages and styles. riders looking for a commute alternative, to riders looking for a different kind of off-road experience, as well as a strong focus on riders with disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from enjoying the experience of riding a bicycle.

we try just about anything. last week we found ourself at a near by park trying to help a stroke survivor, half paralyzed, get on an e-bike.

we follow the line of customer service made popular in the book "Hug Your Customers". we'll try to do anything to make a customer happy, including delivering a bike hundreds of miles away if needed.

we also have customers who drive, fly and ride to our store from hundreds of miles away.

as a bike shop, we do things most bike shops don't do and we don't do many things most shops do do. one of the first things we don't do is judge customers based on what kind of bike they happen to be riding at any given time. we like new riders and we understand that buying a bike is always about transformation. so, all customers and new riders and we enjoy helping the new rider as much if not more than the season rider. it's a bike, not a yacht. riding is more about fun and enjoyment than competition for the fastest or the best.

we also provide pick up and delivery service for our customers. bicycles are the main transportation for many of our young tech worker customers and we think that's great.

we also are keen to help women riders. the bike industry is a guy-focused space. this is intimidating to women and so we try to be as helpful as possible to women.

our business has evolved over the years and it will continue to evolve in the days and years ahead.