Thursday, February 16, 2017

Haibike Urban, Race, Superrace Fork Recall

Product recall of all Haibike XDURO Race, Superrace and Urban models 

Schweinfurt, 14th February 2017 – Product recall at Haibike: XDURO Race, Superrace and Urban models were sold on the market featuring forks which exhibit rather unstable material. This might result in premature rupture and may ultimately lead to a fork break. This poses an enormous safety and injury risk for every user. Thus, the lower Franconian bicycle manufacturer decided to perform this recall. Affected are the following models of different model years: -

Haibike XDURO Urban (model year 2014, 2015) - Haibike XDURO Urban RC (MY 2016) - Haibike XDURO Race (MYs 2014, 2015) - Haibike XDURO Superrace (MYs 2014, 2015) - Haibike XDURO Race S RX (MY 2016) - Haibike XDURO Race S PRO (MY 2016) - Haibike XDURO Urban S RX (MY 2016) - Haibike XDURO Urban S PRO (MY 2016)

„The safety of our eBikes and their riders has highest priority for us. Therefore, we perform extensive endurance tests at external testing institutes. Some of our testing criteria are significantly above the DIN, ISO or EN norm standards”, explains Susanne Puello, managing director of Winora Group. “Latest findings from these tests caused us to perform this recall.“ Haibike USA |

Identifying the problem: The forks used in our Haibike Race, Superrace and Urban models might show premature breaking when being exposed to above-standard endurance tests. Therefore, the fork may suffer from rupture or a break. A manufacturing error cannot be excluded up to now. Due to safety reasons, the affected eBikes must be taken out of order immediately. This measure comprises 1765 vehicles in total

How is this recall performed?

All dealers were and will be informed about the situation via letter and will receive an extensive information guideline that will explain the reasons, as well as the further recall action step by step. Additionally, we will create a special dealer and end consumer area on our homepage “With our measures, we will ensure a fast and smooth processing of this recall“, confirms Susanne Puello.

Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Haibikes Are Here!

Haibike is on the ball this year with many of their 2017 model ebikes available for consumer consumption now! Motostrano recently took delivery of the Haibike 7.0 and Haibike 8.0 All Mountain Bikes. It looks like about 25% of the line-up is now available to own.

See the Full Haibike ebike collection on our web site and visit our stores in San Francisco and Redwood City


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Motostrano Downshift Newsletter

Death Valley Ebike Tour | Whopper Ebike Sale Still On | Accessories for your Ebike

Death Valley Ebike Tour

If follow us on Instagram or Facebook or Youtube you saw are dispatches from the desert. The tour consisted of three e-bikers exploring Death Valley on their e-bikes. We traversed sand, rock, mud, road, mountains, flats for 6 days in this great National Park and experienced the adventure of a lifetime. If we can do it, you can too. Our e-bikes helped get us through the miles, the mud, sand and over the mountains and through the headwinds with relative ease and yet the desert still set up boundaries for us.

We covered a few hundred miles and got up close to the park in ways you can't do in a car. We were some of the few bikes in the park for those 6 days and the only bikes off-road. We explored roads not passable by cars and we took our time and experienced the place up close. We'll be doing more adventures in 2017 and we plan to return to Death Valley. Want to join us? Visit our Ebiketreks meet up page.

Whopper Ebike Sale Still On

What started out as a smashing price-slashing Christmas sale has been extended to this rainy January and so there's never been a better time to buy a fantastic cutting-edge electric mountain or road bike to propel you into the future of bicycling. Complete deals are here.

Motostrano has a page of 2016 year end deales including brand new and demo models, where you'll save even more.

Here are some our favorite picks you can snatch up right now, while saving hundreds of dollars:

Save $1100 on this Haibike HardSeven Carbon, a super-light hard tail with carbon frame, BOSCH motor and top tier components all around. The lightest weight hard tail we sell. 

Haibike XDURO Downhill Pro Electric Mountain Bike
Save $3000 off MSRP on this Haibike Downhill Pro and don't look back. You can't beat this bike for performance off-road. Full on downhill bike with a BOSCH powered motor to get you back to the top to do it all again.

Save $1500 on the Haibike XDURO Trekking, our top pick for standard commuting where comfort, reliability and speed are wanted. You can get the bike in either a 20 or 28MPH top speed configuration and say good by to traffic forever. But this bike is not just a get-to-work horse. Think of this bike as your instant vacation machine. It can take you on adventures you never dreamed of doing on a bike and can't do in a car. Explore the world with this classic European Trekking style bike that is designed to eat up miles of miles of touring. 

For more deals, visit our deals page. 

Accessories For Your Ebike

We've uncovered some excellent new accessories for your ebike. Here are some of them. 

Light & Motion sent us some of their Nip N Tuck front and rear ebike light combination and, in short, they're great. COBI has been shipping their BOSCH ebike control system and if you are gadget freak and ride a BOSCH ebike, this set-up is for you. Speaking of BOSCH, if you want more range the new 500w batteries from BOSCH are shipping next week. With only a limited number (100) allocated for the whole US, it's a good idea to order now because they'll sell out. Lastly, not new, but still a cool collection of accessories, Fahrer from Germany makes a bunch of covers for your BOSCH bike and we have them in stock. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

BOSCH Warranty Note on Consumer Imported Bikes

Surfing the web late at night spending hours and hours of "online research" might land you a bike you want to buy that is not available through US dealers - beware that European-spec bike will not have a US-spec warranty with it. 

It's important for your investment to make sure you buy a bike that is certified and backed by BOSCH USA, otherwise your bike's ebike system will have no warranty. 

All BOSCH ebikes we sell come with a standard 2 year warranty that covers parts (not labor). This means that if your battery goes bad in the 2 years you own it, or you Nyon Display stops working you get a new one once we (your dealer) connect the bike to diagnostics. It's easy, but only if your bike was purchased here in the US. 

1.  Battery Warranty Clarification: North American eBike systems vs. European eBike systems.
North American PowerPack (bottom in picture). European PowerPack (top in picture).
In the U.S. and Canada (North America), Bosch’s limited warranty does not cover European eBike system components (whether purchased inside or outside North America).

The two most common ways a European system enters North America is via an eBike manufacturer or distributor (e.g. manufacturer or distributor exports eBike with a European system to North America and sells to local dealer) or via an end-consumer (e.g. end-consumer moves to the U.S. or Canada and brings eBike purchased in Europe, or end-consumer purchases a European eBike online). In either case, the system will not have a valid warranty through Bosch eBike Systems North America.

This isn’t only a warranty issue—it also means the system cannot be serviced properly here because some European spare parts aren’t available in the North America.

Bosch eBike systems are designed and built to meet country-specific norms and regulations. eBike Manufacturers using our system build eBikes to comply with these norms and regulations and are obliged to use North American systems for eBikes intended for North America. Once an eBike leaves a country for which it was designed, it can no longer be certain that the eBike complies with the new country’s norms and regulations (e.g: max assist speed, power, EMC compliance, etc.).

Since North American dealers might not realize the eBike they’re buying is equipped with a European system, we advise that before making future purchases, check first with your manufacturer or distributor. You can tell the difference between a North American and European system by the battery decal (see image above), and also the max assist speed—15.5 mph (25 km/h) in Europe  vs. 20 mph (32 km/h) in North America. (One exception is with Performance Line Speed systems; max assist speed is same for both at 28 mph (45 km/h)). We ask all dealers to be mindful of our policy and help support it by only selling eBikes with North American eBike systems.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Death Valley By Ebike- If We Can Do It, You Can Too

I've been organizing and leading group e-bike rides for the past two years as a way to help people of all abilities put the ebikes they buy from us or elsewhere to good use. 2016 was a very busy year for our riders and our groups have been growing as e-bikes become more popular. We had so many adventures and covered so many miles in 2016 both off-road and on-road. It was a great year! We road along the American River outside Sacramento. We road around the entire Lake Tahoe as well as the Flume Trail. We ran a 1 hour Pedelec Cycle Track race in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and we explored the lost back country trails of Henry Coe State Park and explored Monterrey's 17 Mile Drive by e-bike, just to name a few of our adventures. Visit our Meet-up page to see all the past and future rides.

For the last ride of 2016, we wanted to do something big and special to finish off the New Year and so Death Valley was thrown on the calendar and preparations were made to spend 6 days in the desert over the Christmas Holiday riding e-bikes and exploring. I knew we'd end up being a small group because people have commitments around this time of year, so we had 5 RSVPs and 3 riders showed up. Not bad, considering. Our larger group rides usually see up to 15 riders.

The plan was to meet at Stovepipe Wells, set up camp, get acclimated and start exploring, with multiple rides leaving from from here that were between 20 and 60 miles round trip. This was the place for us to charge our batteries over night and Stovepipe is one of the main villages in the park with a range of camp sites, a hotel, restaurant, gas depot and store.

Going in Winter meant temperatures were cool (i.e. not the 130 degrees the place gets in summer), but it also meant that we could see rain. On our way many of the passes were lined with snow but when we got to Death Valley proper the skies were blue and the weather was in the mid fifties.

There's nothing more liberating when traveling than arriving at your destination by car or plane and not having to step foot in a car for the duration of your stay. Getting on your bike in a strange new place gives you a unique and up-close perspective that you can't get in a car or bus and riding an e-bike makes that experience all the more pleasureable. You're exposed to the world and therefore you are open to the experiences of this new environment in the best of ways.

Day 1, while we waited for one of the riders to arrive and meet us, we road out to Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes just a few miles from Stovepipe on our Haibike SDURO Cross SM and Hardseven SM bikes. The paved roads in the park are all well maintained and though there's not much shoulder, car traffic is scarce and well behaved in the park. With our e-bikes we could avoid the hunt for parking and go straight to the dunes. This is where George Lucas shot many of the scenes from Star Wars A New Hope. We hiked around the dunes and took photos and rested on the soft sand.

Once we were sure there were no Sand Crawlers or Storm Troopers on our tail, we got back on our bikes and headed to Stovepipe for lunch before exploring the dirt road heading towards Marble Canyon. The ride out to Marble Canyon is only 9 miles but it's on a tough desert dirt road with annoying tractor grates usually, thick sand often and at one point a small creek running in the road that creates deep mud. We passed two cars that were stuck in this stuff and were happy to be on our Haibike e-bikes since we could go around the mud river with ease and get back on the trail when it dried out. Also, any time we hit a patch of deep sand the power of the Yamaha motor easily kept up the momentum and got us through it with a fun little wobble. Without our e-bikes this ride would have been a lot more difficult. As it was, we both got tired of the tractor grating and turned back before getting to the Canyon, happy to have got as far as we did and enjoying being in the middle of the desert.

The next day we drove out to Furnace Creek to ride to Golden Canyon, Artist's Drive and Artist's Pallet and Badwater. Artist's Drive is a short back-canyon climb through colorful mountains and beautiful curved roads that wind and dip through the terrain.

Our e-bikes allowed us to keep up the pace as we spied so many fantastic sights along this ride. Otherworldly vistas, wonderful side hikes and painter's canvas perfect vistas line every foot of this road as you climb and the other half of the reward is a fast twisty downhill flight back down to the valley floor which is below sea level.

We paced ourselves for a calm ride. We are e-bikers. It's not a race. It's as much a personal challenge as it is a test of the technology we are riding on. The beauty of the ride is what it's all about and so we made sure to stop and take pictures whenever and where ever we liked.

 If we can do it, you can do it.. Though I like a challenge, I also like to take it easy and let the e-bike do a lot of the work. Out here in the desert with no services around, it was critical we all watched our battery life and watches as we trekked up the mountainside, keeping mind of where we were along the route. We keep it in Eco mode most of the way to maximize range, using the higher powers only when necessary. On flat terrain, we turn the power off completely to enjoy the silence and save battery.

On our final day before heading further east, our goal was to do a loop around Titus Canyon, head up Daylight Pass Road, explore Rhyolite ghost town and then head down through the Canyon and back. The bike I road was a Haibike SDURO Cross SM, which is Haibike's budget price bike made for on and off-road riding. It's got the smooth Yamaha motor and what I like most about it is its reliability. I know when I get on this bike that it's going to work flawlessly and I know that it will give me a predictable good range that will take me where I want to go.

I outfitted the bike with a full set of THULE panniers in the back and the Pack N Pedal front bag system which is perfect for longer touring. For this longer ride, I carried a second Yamaha battery, a spare jacket, spare tubes and a pump, tools, lots of water, chargers for the phone, bike locks, lights and a few other stuff.

Lydia rode her Haibike Hardseven SM with no spare battery (she was the bravest of us all) and Steven was on his iZIP Peak. Steven was carrying 2 extra batteries and a lot of stuff too.

We got a late start and with two of us fighting the tail end of colds, this was a tough ride, with or without our motors. It's a gradual climb straight up the mountain and not too strenuous but long and constant and when you finally turn around after 15 miles you see the rewarding view behind you.

We arrived to Daylight Pass just as the sun was about to set and at 4300 feet agreed we'd have to ride down Titus Canyon next year, that Daylight Pass was our turn around point and we were all happy with this accomplishment.

The ride back down the mountain was a fun, long, fast and wild ride down the mountain - the kind you dream about as a kid - which makes you feel like you're in flight. No motor. No brakes. No cars. Just you, the wind and the setting sun over the valley letting gravity and the road take you home.

As a first time to Death Valley, we only scratched the surface and so we'll be back, but our next stop was Tecopa Hot Springs where we set up a new base at this funky little oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

The first thing we found was the secret place where the actual hot springs were located. It turned out we had stopped right in front of them on the way in to town, but when a funky New York writer came out of the Bistro restaurant and told us all about the actual hot springs down the road, Lydia and I quickly got flashlights and headed out to explore.

For such a small town in the middle of nowhere, it was fantastic to see this BIKE LANE sign and a great bike lane for much of the 20 miles round trip to China Date Ranch Farm & Bakery.

For our last day in the desert and New Year Day, we road to Ash Meadows just outside of Death Valley Junction - a living ghost town with a very interesting hotel, opera house and cafe. The night before we experienced a New Year's ballet show in the famous Opera House and the weather was perfect for a long flat ride across the Mojave desert in search of the the endangered pupfish.

The pupfish is a little blue fish that only lives in this area, likes warm spring water and is on the verge of extinction. We looked for the fish at 2 other spots in Death Valley but saw none, so this would be our last chance to spot this cute little desert fish.

The road ride from Death Valley Junction to Ash Meadows gave us a tail wind that complimented the welcoming scenery. It's 10 miles on road and the last part is up a hill a bit and then we turn left down a well maintained dirt road for another 7 miles to the the points of interest.

Riding miles upon miles in the desert is an experience you'll have to try on your own. With just you and the desert on an endless horizon, you come to appreciate the vast silence, the immense terrain and sky all around you and you come to appreciate your small place in the world. It's easy to imagine you are in the middle of nowhere because you don't have the usual reference points to go by. You are not in your domain. The dirt roads around Ash Meadows are surrounded by all kinds of abundance of life and beauty though and it's impossible to absorb it all.

At Devil's Hole there was no seeing pupfish because the area is fenced off for research purposes. The visitor's center here is brand new and state of the art and very helpful. A helpful ranger pointed us to the place we're guaranteed to see the fish and sure enough when we arrived at the spot they were every where.

Our Pupfish hunt now completed, we mounted up and headed back to Death Valley Junction with a fantastic BLT lunch on every one's mind at the Amargosa Cafe attached to the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House.

The 20 mile ride back was very different than the ride to the park and here's where the benefit of our e-bikes really kicked in. Though the road was flat, the tail wind that we had going out - that allowed us to ride in Eco mode - was now a strong head wind coming in. I could see what looked like dust devils near our final destination and the last thing I wanted to do was to ride straight into some kind of dust storm. To keep up the pace, all of us had to ride in standard or high power modes and the Haibikes and iZIP were very helpful. Steven ran out of battery just before getting to the Cafe and Lydia and I both made it back with power to spare.

Death Valley is a very rideable National Park. It's huge it has basic services to use as a base and the park's wide open spaces, smooth roads and well marked off-road trails make it ideal for a an e-bike ride if you have the right stuff. E-bikes will help you experience the park in ways that a car or regular bike can't. Still, even with an e-bike, Death Valley creates a number of challenges that make riding in the desert a true adventure.

We've done a lot of good rides over the years on our e-bikes. At the end of it all, words can't do the experience or place justice. There's no place like Death Valley and there's nothing like riding through it and around it on your e-bike. We fell in love with Death Valley and we'll be doing another ride next year.  If we can do it, you can do it. Go there, experience it for your self. Come with us next year when we'll be doing it again. Check out our videos on our YouTube page to see more.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

They Said There Was Traffic On the 101

As you know, we ride what we sell and as Motostrano founder you may also know that I am normally on a bike, whether for commuting or recreating. If I can avoid getting in a car, I will.

My current commute is about 12 miles each way.

The other day I had a wonder realization that my desire to commute by ebike is paying off to the point that I no longer experience this thing called "traffic" any more. For most of the day, this day, customers were visiting the store and complaining about all the traffic along the 101. I realized I had no clue and no contact with this traffic and it was a moment of triumph.

It's not like it was the first time this happened but the way it caught me off guard was refreshing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Haibike Video Featuring Italy and Guido

Haibike has put out another thrilling Guido video this time in the back country of Tuscany Italy.

Now that you have seen the video, visit our stores to buy the latest and greatest Haibike ebikes!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Thinking of Selling Your Motorcycle and Getting An Ebike? You're Not Alone

With the rise in popularity of electric bicycles, many long time motorcyclists are trading in their 200 lb Kawasaki mx bikes bikes and 400 lb Ducati road bikes for 45 lb electric bicycles. With our long history and involvement in the motorcycle industry (since 2002), perhaps no other company sees this happening real-time than Motostrano, since we too made the switch almost completely from motorcycle to bicycle and now to e-bike in the last 7 years.

To be clear, we still dabble in moto stuff and are the leading provider of Supermoto Parts and also the billet goodies from Italy we're known for, (Rizoma parts)but the motorcycle industry as a whole tanked along with the last recession and hasn't come back. We are wagering that it will never come back and that's why the cool part of motorcycling has pretty much been relegated to the bygone years of vintage moto bike style ala Triumph and the like. Local racing series are nearly gone. Off-road riding areas are closing down.

For the aging motorcyclist, or the would-be motorcyclist, looking at a 2 wheel steed for a variety of reasons- a motorcycle carries with it a lot of undesirable baggage, not the least of which is its weight.

"I just need to get to work..."

What you can't do with a motorcycle, you can do with a bike. ie, pick it up and put it on a train, bus or car. Store it in an apartment. Change a tire. Take it with you on a trip. Let your girl friend ride it.

"Wife said I can't ride my motorcycle anymore..."

If you have a girl friend, she probably doesn't want to hang out on the back of a motorcycle wearing chaps or tight leather pants these days. That role for her is largely a relic from her 20s and 30s and more than likely she wants to ride a bike too, an e-bike, or a bicycle. Also, she probably doesn't want her boy friend or husband to be the balls-out risk-taker Evil Knievel type that some of us were raised to think was really cool. She wants you to be a forward-thinking, techno-friendly, financially stable emotional and physical resource in her life, not a beer-bellied Marlboro man in dirty leathers bar-hopping and barn-dusting the backroads of any urban area.

For road motorcyclists who want to bypass traffic and commute, Ebikes are allowing many would-be motorcyclists to realize some of toned-down the advantages of a moto with fewer of the negatives. Ebikes are cheaper. Don't need a license, or insurance. You can park them anywhere and get to your destination without ever getting bogged down in traffic.

"It's nuts out there, with every one on their cell phones...."

Though motos have great gas mileage, ebikes have unlimited gas mileage and where a motorcycle ride through peak-hour traffic can be a death-sentence, as you fly through stop-go traffic with every car not watching the road but watching their cell-phones, the notion of going a lot slower on an ebike and being on the side of the road, not in the middle or better yet, on a protected separate bike lane, can be a huge plus.

"I sold my KTM a few years ago..."

For off-road motorcycles, firstly, if they live in a dense urban area, they no longer need to pack their moto-x in the back of the truck at 4 in the morning and drive 4 hours to the pristine hazardous waste dump a million miles from any water source to have some fun in the dirt for a few hours only to return in deep traffic. The ebiker can usually ride straight from their garage to the local trail back canyon and enjoy a few hours of early morning fun and be back home in time for lunch with the whole family.

Because most good quality ebikes operate by pedal assist, a further advantage is one of health. Besides the obvious health risk of motorcycling to one's life, bicycling by e-bike literally adds years to your lifespan through the health benefits gained by pedaling vs just sitting in the seat and gassing it. This is true for motorcycling as much as for cars.

"I'm out of shape..."

For society at large, as more and more people turn to e-biking, the general population will see an improved life style as more and more people of all ages, gender and health-condition have access to bicycling where they once saw it as a much harder thing to get into than, for instance, simply sitting on a sofa.

"I want something for my wife so she can ride with me..."

So, it's no wonder that we are seeing a sizable group of riders come in to our store and tell us "I sold my KTM dirt bike a while ago and want to ride and I want to get an e-bike like my buddies". Or, "traffic is so bad and every one is on their cell phone, I just want to get to work, get a bit of a work-out and be happy. I want to buy an ebike".

E-bikes supply a lot of the adrenaline rush that motorcyclists thrive on and much of the same aura of danger, with less of the death, cigarettes and booze. Check out some of the rad downhill and emtb photos online and you'll see the same shenanigans as in the moto-x arena. In the coming months and years we hope to see a whole world of electric bike racing both off and off-road too, complete with Redbull sponsors, umbrella girls and all the other stuff that go along with extreme sports.

"I'm tired of lugging my bike out to Hollister..."

In Europe, e-bikes are replacing regular bikes and scooters and motorcycles too. On a recent trip to Germany and Switzerland, I noticed there's no more mopeds, very few scooters. True- Rome is still the hub of Vespa scooters, but still- ebikes are taking over all over the world.

"We just got back from an e-bike tour in Germany and Switzerland, is was fabulous..."

In reality we're not only "president of the Hair Club, we're also a client". We (motostrano) get it. We made the switch years ago too. Why ride a motorcycle when you can jump on this new technology and ride the wave while it's still new? (though ebikes have actually been around longer than motorcycles) Since getting involved in e-bikes my own health has improved, my stress and blood pressure has gone down, as has my weight. The rest will pretty much be history. Get an ebike!