Friday, August 7, 2015

Ebikes that Go Beep, Whir and Buzz

Modes of Transportation

Bikes that go Beep, Whir and Buzz

Perhaps you've seen the funny Tesla video of the mechanic taking the Tesla out for a little "joy demo ride" after servicing the car. The old-school mechanic's never played with an electric car before and he exclaims that "it's like a freaking computer". It's transportation 2.0 and it's very much like a computer. The same paradigm shifts are happening in the bike world. The bikes we sell in our store and online have buttons the go beep, that make buzzing sounds and that propel you up hills with ease instead of with a grimace. They are bikes that delete the sweat from your arm pits and upgrade you to super-human climber status - able to climb hills as if you were going down them. We turn them on and we download software that is then uploaded to the on-board computer, to the controller, to the motor.

One of the great examples of this is the new Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike. it's an electric cargo bike- a bike you can put stuff or people on and carry them around. This one has a motor in connected at the crank. It efficiently interacts with your own pedal strokes to double or triple your power output and lets you ride with cargo quicker and further.

We're offering demo rides on this amazing mode of transportation in our stores in Redwood City or San Francisco.

In the next few months a whole collection of ebikes are coming down the pipe that will feature electronic shifting as well as electronic power management. You'll just get on and pedal. The bike will do the rest. You still pedal. You still get your heart pumping, but you do it without the pain.

We have 2 stores presently that offer sales, service and test rides for ebikes. Redwood City and San Francisco locations are stocked with the best ebikes in the world. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Haibike Electric Bikes - E-bikes From Germany

Haibike e-bikes have taken over the the US, creating an all-new category for electric bikes - electric mountain biking. Given that over 99% of the earth is UNPAVED, we like the idea of great e-bikes to explore and ride that unpaved earth.

Haibike e-bikes have been dominant in Europe for years. Based on the BOSCH e-bike system, Haibike electric bikes are equipped with a mid-drive motor system that is ultra efficient and ultra light.

But it's not enough to slap a motor on a mediocre mountain bike and to make something that really stands out. Haibike has been doing what few other e-bike companies dared to do- make a purpose built range of high end race-spec e-bikes that a pro mountain biker would look at and say -yes, that's a real mountain bike.

Naturally, an electric mountain bike is heavier than a non electric. But the key to building the perfect electric mountain bike is to make the lightest most reliable e-mountain bike you can with the weight that is required for motor and battery that will also stand the test of durability under the harsh conditions that are natural in mountain biking. On top of that, the bike needs to handle well and ride comfortably.

Haibike did all that, splendidly and with a full array of bikes starting from basic to full blown.

Motostrano's back ground in moto led us straight to the Haibike brand as a natural. Born in Europe, Haibike fits perfectly into our niche of European focused parts and accessories.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Motostrano's E-BIKE DEMO DAYS in Redwood City - Check it out.

We're starting off 2015 with a jolt, kicking off the first DEMO day of the year Saturday January 24. 

Come to our EBIKE demo event to explore and test a wide variety of electric bicycles in a relaxed and informative environment where you can try and view e-bikes from brands such as Felt, Haibike, A2B, Vanmoof, BH EasyMotion, BESV, OHM Cycles, BIONX, M1 SPORT TECHNIK, BENELLI, KTM Industries and iZIP all day. 

UPDATE: Just in time for our e-bike demo, Lapierre electric bicycles will be unveiled at our e-bike demo! Lapierre comes to the US with a great line of off-road BOSCH powered e-bikes. 

Talk with manufacturer reps, talk with us and talk with other e-bike riders just like you who want to try and maybe buy an e-bike some day. Enjoy some fresh brewed coffee and treats too. 

Whether you are a new rider or returning to the sport and have been looking at getting an e-bike, or you’re looking for a great deal, this is the event for you.

Take the time you need to try different bikes, speak with manufacturer reps from multiple brands and test the bikes out in their natural environments. Plus we’ll have special purchasing incentives running this day as well.

All day long we’ll be doing demo test rides from our store in Redwood City, plus we’ll have 2 longer demo excursions set-up for riders who want to see what the bikes can do in their intended elements.

For the touring and road bikes we’ll be doing a morning ride up to Huddart park and back to ride through some steeper hills and beautiful countryside.

For the off-road and trail riders, we’ll be doing an afternoon ride to a nearby trail park with hills and single track trails.

Both of the rides will be leisure easy rides designed to let you see how easy and fun it is to ride an e-bike.

E-bikes are changing the way people get around and Motostrano has the largest inventory of e-bikes in the Bay Area. Come visit us, talk and explore with us and other e-bike riders all day long and see what it’s all about.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Ebike store - ebikelane
Ebikelane launches as electric bike store for San Francisco
(Queue the song Fanfare For the Common Man by Emerson Lake and Palmer) Today... Motostrano LLC announced the official launch of EBIKELANE, a dedicated electric bike store in the heart of San Francisco in Lower Nob Hill. With it, Motostrano launches a new web site and all new naming and branding for the Motostrano SF store which began operating in November of 2013 at 1452 Bush St. 
Already a hub of activity and learning for how electric bicycles can change and enhance the way people move about, EBIKELANE will focus 100% on performance, urban, recreation and cargo electric bicycles, bringing Motostrano's years of experience in this sector to the fold. In addition to e-bike sales and related accessories and benchmark bike service, the store will become a local source for tourists and business travelers looking to rent an e-bike or take a tour of the Bay Area by e-bike. 
"Year one at our San Francisco store was a huge success. We experimented with different mixes of bike, e-bike and even moto accessories," said Joe Witherspoon, the company's President. "What stuck out was the public's growing interest in and need for electric bikes. E-bikes are a new category of transportation and we want to be at the center of it with our store in San Francisco, the top e-bike market in the country."
Witherspoon said, as Motostrano, there was always a bit of confusion as to what the store was about and this fogged up the store's offering in potential customers eyes. EBIKELANE is neither a bicycle store, nor a motorcycle store, but fills a niche that neither categories are serving well, if at all. 
Bicycle companies in the US have found it hard to move out of the realm of high performance racing bikes designed for endurance racing. Meanwhile, the motorcycle industry is stuck in a similar rut, preferring to focus on motorcycles designed mainly for the race track. In the middle of both of these groups the average member of the public hasn't seen a use for bicycles for everyday use until recently, when the features of the e-bike make them something that's not only viable and practical, but also far better in many ways. 
"People are using electric bicycles for transportation and recreation at the same time. It's changing people's lives, who otherwise would be locked in to car or bus travel." Witherspoon adds, "Additionally, it's a way to stop watching your money go straight down a gas tank, or towards insurance or parking. People are realizing they can use an e-bike for short distance transportation or recreational travel on two wheels at safe speeds that keep them close to their communities, yet free to move about, without letting traffic congestion get in their way. It's life-changing, life-improving. That's what we are hearing directly from the mouths of our customers."
Since e-bikes come in an almost endless range of features, capacities and sizes, people can really hone in on the kind of bike that's right for them. Still, the process of figuring out what is the best bike is a chore, involving endless hours of online 'research". Going to a specialist store is assuring, where customers can find knowledgeable staff and speak to a credible source who must stand behind the products they offer because they are local and there in the community. 
Through years of trial and error learning and customer feedback, Motostrano's eBIKe staff has narrowed the line of bikes to the best in class quality, performance and price. All of these years of learning translate to the trust the customer can have in coming to our store to buy a bike they know will last and will be worth every penny. 
Ebikelane is offering e-bikes from the best e-bike distributors in the United States and is also a direct importer of bikes from Europe and Asia. Current brands include A2,  BBenelli, BESV, BH Easy Motion, EFLOW, Felt Electric, Grace, Haibike, Izip, Juiced, M1 Sporttechnik, Mando Footloose, OHM Cycles, Solex, Urban Arrow, Vanmoof, Yuba.
EBIKElane is located at 1452 Bush St in San Francisco and online at and can be reached at 415-580-1452 and

Friday, December 19, 2014

E-Bike Financing Now Available at Motostrano - Electric Bike Buying Made Easy

We know an e-bike purchase is a big thing for a lot of people, which is why we worked hard over the past year to put together a consumer financing option that we felt would be something we could offer to our customers with a good feeling and help people get the bike they want sooner rather than later.

With electric bikes costing upwards of $2000, $4000 and even $8000, we wanted to offer a financing option to our customers that worked. 

After a lot of shopping around, we selected Synchrony bank (formerly GE Capital) as our go-to people for our consumer financing and so far the results have been very positive. Particularly around the holidays, it's helpful to have the option of paying for something later. With GE, we are able to offer a variety of programs, plus an easy, hassle-free application process that is just like signing up for a store card at a department store.

The process is simple. Use our web site to figure out what e-bikes might work best for you. Then call or visit our store for a hands on demonstration, a detailed sales presentation from our staff we we will advise you on options and what to look out for and which models might be best suited for your general purpose. There are electric bikes made for commuting, for off-road mountain biking, a little of both, or cargo capacity, etc.

Once the bike has been selected, we'll fill out a simple online application and know whether you qualify in seconds. Once approved, we can process you purchase and get you rolling on your new electric bike.

Synchrony offers 6 months or 12 months financing.

E-Bikes Are Life Changing For Dutch in Marin County

Dutch is in his 80's. He surfs and rides mountain bikes all over Marin county on his Haibike AMT XDURO Electric Mountain bike. He's part of a group of 3 or 4 other riders, also in Marin, old timers of the trails up there who are having a blast and "second wind" using their electric mountain bikes to help them up the trails.

Dutch brought his baby in for a little fine tuning today and Kenny is going over it with a microscope. Kenny is our master bicycle mechanic here at Motostrano and brings years of technical and customer experience to our organization. He's a Navy vet, has been wrenching on bicycles for ever and when he's not pedaling on two wheels, he's blasting around on his KTM motorcycle off-road. Dutch's baby is in good hands, in other words.

Dutch and his gang use their bikes 3 or 4 times a week, both together and on their own and it's changed the way they live.

Don't feel too bad if they pass you going up hill on a Black Diamond trail - consider it a challenge to push harder. When asked about how he likes his bike he calls it "life changing", the best thing he ever did.

Dutch says that when he and his gang of 3 buddies, also Haibike riders go out, he used to get asked "hey is that a cheater e-bike?" and then it turned in to "hey, look an e-bike" and now he hears "hey check out that Haibike". And when people ask about how they may be hard on trails he jokes back to them, "No, no, you have to be a licensed AARP member on medicare and have a note from your Doctor to ride these things. We know what we're doing." Dutch and his group are inspiring and a tribute to the magic that Haibike and Felt e-bikes with BOSCH have brought to the US this year.

Dutch watches over Kenny like a surgeon watching a doctor performing a heart transplant. This is that important. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bosch Research and Technology Center E-Bike Demonstration Event

It was a great honor to demonstrate and promote the Haibike BOSCH powered e-bike model range today at the BOSCH Research & Technology Center.

At hand were the popular range of e-bikes from BOSCH including the Haibike RX 29er, the Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5 Mountain Bike and the Trekking Xduro RX.

The BOSCH campus is full of young technologists and scientists, most of whom are regular bike riders to and from work and very interested in modern urban mobility and the science of motion.

BOSCH Palo Alto staff spend their time developing robotics, next generation batteries and wireless technologies, just to name a few. The BOSCH e-bike program is a major force within the company and is fast revolutionizing bicycling.

BOSCH scientists and technologists instantly took to the Haibikes, riding with smiles, igniting ideas of possibility and progress. 

With so much traffic and congestion along the Silicon Valley corridor, it is still easy to discount bike riding as a viable means of transportation and get stuck in a rut of 4 wheels and cars. 

Staying active, keeping mobile, reducing emissions and taking up less space. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

E-Bike To & Through The Redwoods

The weather outlook for this Saturday is clear skies. Let's take advantage of the break in the rain and some great weather and ride through the redwoods to the top of Skyline and back on e-bikes. You can do it! 

BOSCH e-bikes are not required, but recommended (we have many for sale if you are interested). If you have one, bring it! Let's make a little buzz up the mountain and see what these bikes can do. 
This ride will start sharp at 7AM from the Motostrano/Suburbanbikes shop at 926 Broadway in Redwood City 
It's about 13 miles each way and very beautiful. The ride itself should last about 3 hours and we'll ride up 2000 feet of elevation and back down it so make sure your battery is well charged. 

We'll start off in Redwood City and make our way up to Woodside, through Huddart park and up the winding King's Mountain Rd. At the top we can stop to rest and take pictures and have a snack.  
What to bring
You: have a clear head and be ready for a good ride on a quiet country road
Water: one or two bottles of water
Snack: energy bars for the ride
Tools: spare tube
Rain gear: Just in case 
Camera: for the beautiful wet Redwood Forest. 
Note: This is an all paved ride up to the top of Skyline and back. The roads will be wet and full of slippery leaves. It's not a race and safety is first. The road itself is normally quiet but expect a car or motorcycle to pass you respectfully.