Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's New At Motostrano - Ebikes

Faster, lighter, longer, better, funner e-bikes for recreation and commuting.
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Haibike Electric Bikes
So much is happening on the e-bike side of our business that we could fill ten blog posts that would bore you with the endless details about what we saw at Eurobike and what we'll see at Interbike. In short, the world is counting on the bicycle industry to deliver it from so many evils: traffic, pollution, obesity, parking tickets, insurance costs and so much more. And the industry is stepping up to the plate with loads of killer apps for the motorized bicycle sector. Motostrano has a lot of this technology in our stores now. We encourage you to visit our web site and either of our stores to test and buy the latest technology to make its way to the United States.
Around Europe, it used to be, you'd see mopeds and scooters buzzing around big metro areas, as well as small towns and villages. If you haven't been over there lately, you might be surprised to know that the high pitched buzz and the sweet smell of 2 stroke exhaust has almost completely been replaced with silent e-bikes of all type of variety and brand. Traffic, gas prices, insurance and license costs are higher than they are than in the US and though Europe is home to some of the strongest bike-cities in the world, many European towns only recently let bikes take over so strongly and e-bikes are now one of the most preferred ways to get around town. 

You can see us from space...

If you're local, the next time you visit our store you'll be in for a surprise. We had some fun with paint on the building. 
Call us at 650-918-6259 or visit our store today to experience one of our e-bikes.www.motostrano.com
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Haibike Ebikes With BOSCH Motors Now In Stock

Our BOSCH powered HAIBIKE mountain bikes are now in stock and ready for purchase.

We have a limited initial run of bikes in stock and they are going fast.

The HAIBIKE RX29er is the hot 29er bike to take on the trail and have as much fun going up, as down.

The HAIBIKE FS RX is the full suspension e-bike with the same BOSCH set up.

Each bike is equipped with BOSCH's 250W center drive motor and 400Wh battery, controlled by the Intuniv control system.

Easy to use. German engineering. The best technology available.

To own one of these great bikes, visit our web site, call our store, visit our store.

We unveiled the first two bikes to make it to the USA with great applause.

We took the bikes out to our testing area with the Bay Area's finest early adopters. Though, admittedly, most of the people testing the bikes with us have been waiting for the Haibikes for over a year.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ebikes & Motorcycle Gear At Motostrano Since 2009

it's 2014 now and ebikes are the talk of the town in the United States and all up and down Asia.

back in 2009, when Motostrano sold its first electric bicycle, things were quite different. waist deep in a recession, the motorcycle industry in a stink, we were looking for ways to diversify towards a more future-forward business, one that greeted the sustainable concepts and new motor technologies that were then only just starting to seem viable.

we were the early adopters of what is now a common sight at some moto shops and plenty of bicycle stores. with our first e-bike vendor, Ultra Motor (now HeroEco and A2B), we spread the world with e-bikes via our single showroom in Redwood City.

five years later, Motostrano's show room is filled mostly with bicycles, 25% of them being e-bikes. we also opened our second location in San Francisco. our catalog promotes and sells over 22 different brands of electric bicycle from companies all over the world.

in that time, our service department has grown and our service knowledge base has expanded to cover all types of e-bike possibilities, including conversion kits and custom builds.

additionally, we have expanded our customer base to include riders of all ages and styles. riders looking for a commute alternative, to riders looking for a different kind of off-road experience, as well as a strong focus on riders with disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from enjoying the experience of riding a bicycle.

we try just about anything. last week we found ourself at a near by park trying to help a stroke survivor, half paralyzed, get on an e-bike.

we follow the line of customer service made popular in the book "Hug Your Customers". we'll try to do anything to make a customer happy, including delivering a bike hundreds of miles away if needed.

we also have customers who drive, fly and ride to our store from hundreds of miles away.

as a bike shop, we do things most bike shops don't do and we don't do many things most shops do do. one of the first things we don't do is judge customers based on what kind of bike they happen to be riding at any given time. we like new riders and we understand that buying a bike is always about transformation. so, all customers and new riders and we enjoy helping the new rider as much if not more than the season rider. it's a bike, not a yacht. riding is more about fun and enjoyment than competition for the fastest or the best.

we also provide pick up and delivery service for our customers. bicycles are the main transportation for many of our young tech worker customers and we think that's great.

we also are keen to help women riders. the bike industry is a guy-focused space. this is intimidating to women and so we try to be as helpful as possible to women.

our business has evolved over the years and it will continue to evolve in the days and years ahead.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Haibike Electric Bike Demo Day - Motostrano Redwood City California

direct from Germany
powered by Bosch
long anticipated
clean technology
game changing

All words to describe the coming of the new Bosch mid-drive motor systems on the HAIBIKE e-bike systems. We are celebrating an all day DEMO event on the HAIBIKES at our retail location at 926 Broadway @ Woodside, Motostrano. 
June 21, starting at 10AM we'll fill our parking lot with HAIBIKE e-bikes and we'll take them out for rides on real Silicon Valley roads and trails. If you like, call us in advance to reserve some seat time on a mountain bike version and we'll take you on a guides 1 hour ride in the MTB version's natural environment. See what the BOSCH motor can REALLY do up hills and and how the bike goes down them. 
June 21 we'll have the whole fleet of HAIBIKEs on hand and you can purchase the 29er or the Full Suspension models, as well as make a pre- order on any other models that will ship in July. 
Let's do this! We'll also have our other range of e-bikes on hand for you to compare bikes too.  Stromer, BH EASYmotion, iZIP and eFLOW. 
The HAIBIKE range of e-bikes help you on the trail and on the commute war path. With the respected BOSCH motor, it's what every one's been talking about it. Now you can own it. 
We'll supply hot fresh drip JAVA for the morning crew and we just might have to fire up the BBQ for some Bratwurst in the afternoon in good German fashion. 
Call or email us with your RSVP and let us know you plan to come. For the full range of HAIBIKE Ebikes check our web site or the Motostrano web site.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If the Outlaw is Too Rich or Too Zippy, Try the Phantom X.......

The Prodeco Tech Phantom X is an amazing little runner for just $1399. Looking around our two e-bike campuses (San Francisco & Redwood City), I would point out that this bike has the most power for the money ratio.

Not only that. It folds in half. While not small enough to fit in your back pocket. Think of the fun you can make with this bike in the back of a car, rv or under your desk. Just ride it.

Use it to take you up the hills. Let gravity take you down. It's got a 500 WATT motor and it handles great. It's not as fast as the Prodeco Outlaw, but it's also a lot cheaper. Like $700 cheaper. That's a chunk.

Motostrano is the Bay Area's premier ebike store and the we are now stocking Prodeco Electric bikes.

Join us for an hour and learn about these great bikes or others. Our two show rooms are full of the best electric bikes available.

 prodeco tech phantom x

WOW- the Prodeco Tech Outlaw Is A Monster Ebike

We sell many kinds of ebikes. the Prodeco Tech Outlaw SS is unlike any other.

It's beefy with huge front suspension ready for downhill jaunts.

 prodeco tech outlaw ss electric mountain bike

It's wide, with fat Continental downhill tires.

It's tall with tons of clearance and wide handlebars.

This bike is a blast to ride and does best off-road. It could be used as a commuter too, but it's most fun when used as an up hill lift chair. Use the motor to get you up. Use gravity to get you down. Repeat.

If it had a fat KTM sticker on the side of the frame you wouldn't know the difference.

But, at just $2199 for this kind of non-stop fun, with no fill-ups and no oil changes, you can ride for ever and pay just pennies.

It's a blast.

We are the Prodeco Tech dealer for San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Visit us to test ride the Outlaw and you'll buy one.


Friday, February 28, 2014

Currie DASH Ebike Now Shipping

Want a powerful, slick looking ebike, made by a reliable company with a full warranty and great dealer network?

With the Currie iZIP e3 DASH electric bike, you may need look no further. At $2600 - yes, $2600 - you get an ebike that clocks in 28 MPH, is light weight and rides like a well made hybrid / path bike. The e3 Dash packs a huge amount of power and value into one bike and it's now available at Motostrano Redwood City and San Francisco.

Visit our store for a demo. Order yours today. 

Each electric bike we sell is professionally built by LEVA trained mechanics. We build them and service them and our sales persons can help you select the right bike. 

Our ebike stores are complete sales and service facilities staffed by trained professionals to help you. 

Bosch Electric Bike Motors for 2014

Since BOSCH announced its plans to enter the US market with a strong presence and a great support program, Motostrano customers have shown a great interest in this ebike platform.

Motostrano is in the fortunate position of being able to offer multiple brands of ebikes that will utilize the Bosch ebike motor and battery system.

With our main focus as a bike shop centered around the Felt brand- our goal is to be the premier spot for you to try and buy the Felt line of ebikes.

For 2014 Felt has said we'll get 2 different models of e-bikes, though we are not yet sure which ones they'll be. We hope we get the Fat bike ebike and a commuter hybrid, to start.

In the meantime, there's a long list of Haibike off-road ebikes that are scheduled to come to the United States and many of those can already be pre-ordered on our web site.

When asked, or not- we've explained to ebike makers that their ebikes need to be as reliable and dependable as an electric shaver. We should be able to plug them in and go, every time. This is what we're counting on with the Bosch system.

It's a beautiful motor. Bosch is proud of the fact that over 60 bike makers will rely on their system, including some of the best brands in the two wheeled world.

The Haibike and Felt ebikes will feature the Bosch Midmount Performance 36 Volt, 250 Watt motor. The ride of this system is very different from that of other ebike systems. With the motor and battery all tucked down low, the ride is planted and nimble with the motor and battery weight off of the wheels and rear of the frame. But the power is delivered extremely smoothly, unlike any other system on the market. It's hard to describe, so we recommend visiting our store when we get our Felt and Haibike ebikes in.

For 2014, Bosch released an all new system. This new technology features more powerful electronics and a very low-vibration motor. This translates to power delivery that you don't feel, except in the speed increasing as you ride. The motor uses an optimized 3-sensor concept to delivery power in the most efficient way possible.  50NM of torque. 45 KM top speed and it weighs jut 4KG. All out of a 250 watt motor. The The PowerPacks of the Performance Line are lithium-ion batteries with 300 Wh and 400 Wh, respectively. The PowerPack 400 Performance comes in two versions: as a rack or as a frame battery.

The other part of the equation is the Bosh PowerPack. The Powerpack 300 Performance mounts to the bike's frame. Featuring unmatched energy density, the battery management system offers optimal protection against overload, under-voltage, overheating and short circuit, and it also increases the long service life of the PowerPacks.

With all of this technology, we're glad that some major bike brands have partnered with Bocsh to deliver all of this power.

Additionally, being a long time Felt dealer, Motostrano's technicians will be well versed in the set-up and servicing of these bikes, both as a Felt dealer and also as LEVA trained technicians.